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In a kitchen one of the most useful tools is a blender. Many of us have come to depend on it in our everyday cooking. However, there are also situations when it would be great and handy to use a blender outside of the kitchen. For example, while camping, at a picnic or any other place where there’s no outlet to plug the blender in. If you are looking for a blender for one of these situations, then your choice should be a battery operated unit.

These appliances are portable and can be used to blend the foods almost anywhere you want. Battery operated blenders are also quite popular due to their affordability. If you’re a constant traveller or if you simply enjoy making blended drinks in the outdoors or tailgate parties, then a battery operated blender is the perfect choice for you. Below we have the list of the best products in this category of blenders.

PictureProduct NameBattery LifePriceRating
Margaritaville DM900 Battery-Powered Frozen-Concoction MakerMargaritaville DM900 Battery-Powered Frozen-Concoction Maker
20 pitchers$$$$4.5
Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand BlenderCuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender
20 minutes$3.5
GSI Outdoors Vortex Hand Blender
Cuisinart Cordless RechargeableCuisinart Cordless Rechargeable
Waring TG15 TailgaterWaring TG15 Tailgater
requires vehicle's cigarette lighter$$3.6
Tailgator Gas-PoweredTailgator Gas-Powered
11 oz fuel capacity$$$$4

Top 6 Best Battery Operated Blender Reviews

Margaritaville Explorer Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker

best battery operated blender

The Margaritaville manufacturer claims that this cordless frozen concoction maker can make up to 60 frozen drinks or 20 pitchers with one full charge.

It’s got pre-programmed settings for making frozen drinks such as smoothies, shakes and other. Additionally, it also has manual settings for just blending or just shaving the ice.

It comes with the 36 ounces blending jar, so you can make several drinks at once. The unit also features an ice reservoir, which is transparent and has a locking lid.

It operates on 18-volt battery that you can recharge.

It’s got a nice and compact design, and it’s perfect for taking to the beach, for boating or tailgating.

The machine works quickly and it’s easy to clean after. It’s got a pretty high rating. Many customers have commented that they like this unit due to its portability, good battery life and its good performance of making different drinks.



Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

battery operated blender 1

For those who are looking for an immersion battery powered blender, Cuisinart CSB-78 is the perfect choice. Single charge can run the unit for up to 20 minutes. The charger located in the handle plugs into the wall outlet.

The blending shaft is made of stainless steel. It has only one setting and starts running when you activate it with the on/off button.

This cordless handheld blender comes with several attachments, such as the whisk, chopper attachments, measuring beaker and a storage stand for mounting the unit on the wall for space saving.

This Cuisinart unit is very convenient, as it is also strong and efficient but doesn’t come with the hassle of struggling with the cord. It’s got a good battery life and nice attachments.



GSI Outdoors Vortex Hand Blender

battery operated blender 2

GSI Vortex Hand blender is a crank type of blender. It’s a handy device for parties and camping. This powerful unit has a two speed gear system and it can also work as a food processor.

Its stainless steel blade can crush ice and mix margaritas and other drinks. The pitcher is made of polycarbonate and has the capacity of 1.5 liters. It also comes with a handy table clamp, so you can firmly lock the blender to the table top to keep it from moving around while operating.


Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable

One more versatile tool that runs on rechargeable batteries is the Cuisinart hand blender. Its full charge gives about 15 minutes of blending operation. You can conveniently use it in the outdoors. It comes with no cord. To charge you can just plug in the detachable handle of the unit into a wall socket. The beaker can be filled up with up to 2 cups of mixture. The model comes with a detachable blending shaft and an additional attachment for whipping cream and desserts.


Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender

Waring TG15 Tailgater

If you love tailgating, a great way to get the party going is by whipping up some smoothies, margaritas or some other drinks. If you are looking for a tool to help you with that, then Waring TG15 Tailgater can be a good option to consider. However, it’s not a battery operated model and requires a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It comes with a 14-foot cord, so you have enough to extend it between the car and the picnic table. You can mix up drinks and dips anywhere the car will go. The container is made from tough plastic and holds up to 6 cups.


Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender

Tailgator Gas-Powered

Another great option for tailgaters is the gas powered blender. You can also blend with it anywhere you go, on the boat or while camping, but you will need gasoline to start it up. It easily starts with its 24cc engine. It also has quite good power for a portable blender. The 2 ¼ engine can crush even ice. The 48 oz pitcher allows you to make a good batch of drinks for your friends. The blender comes with a bottle of 2 cycle oil.


Benefits of Battery Powdered Blenders

  • Easy portabilit for making drinks, drips and other mixes wherever you go.
  • Lightweight for conveniently travelling with them.
  • Affordable prices.

A good rechargeable blender should be lightweight and impact-resistant, so you could take it anywhere. That’s the main advantage of battery operated blenders, that they can be used anywhere. As they are also usually compact, it’s to store them. They offer the convenience of taking them to places like the beach, tailgate parties or even camping. The only downside is that their motors are not as powerful as of standard electric blenders.

What to Look for When Choosing a Battery Operated Blender?

First of all, you should decide the type of blender you need, be it an immersion or stand blender. Then consider the size. Do you need a large pitcher or a personal drink size? If you’ll be making blends for a group of people it’s better to opt for a larger pitcher.

It’s also important that the blades are made of stainless steel. Also check different attachments and consider which are more important for your needs. The last but nit the least important feature to check is the ability of the blender to hold the charge for a certain time.

The Bottom Line

Battery operated blenders can be really handy. With them you can enjoy frozen drinks on hot summer day on the beach or on the boat. You can also take them camping, to parties or tailgating. They’re easy to use and there’s no hassle with cords. To get efficient results look for the best battery operated blender. Another great way to be able to have a frozen drink on the go are personal sized blenders as they come with convenient cups, in which you can make the blended drink at home and then take it with you to the party or a picnic.


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