Andrew James Juicer Review – Powerful Centrifugal Force

If you looking for a whole fruit juice extractor, which has high power and mighty performance, Andrew James juicer might be what you are looking for. To help you know if it’s the right juicer for your needs, we have compiled this Andrew James juicer review.

andrew james juicer review


Product Review

Features and Performance

Andrew James is a pricier juicer but it comes with a large range of useful features for the money. This unit provides powerful and convenient performance and bears a good comparison with other heavy duty expensive juicers.

This unit is a centrifugal juicer that’s equipped with a powerful 990 watts motor. This much power is comparatively high for many other juicer extractor models. With 990 watts the juicer can rapidly slice through any type of fruit or vegetable, even the toughest ones. With such a powerful motor you’d think that the Andrew James juicer would be very noisy, but it’s not louder than any standard level of juicer’s operation.

The diameter of the feeding chute is 3 inches wide, so any whole fruits or veggies that are smaller of this size can be juiced without cutting them. It’s a convenience that allows saving time.


andrew james juicer review

Once the ingredient is fed through the feed chute it gets shredded and then the centrifugal force that the juicer creates pushes the ingredients through a mesh filter. At this stage of the process the pulp is left behind and pushed into a large pulp container and the mesh filter extracts maximum juice from the ingredient. The container offers a large capacity of two liters of collected pulp. All the ingredients, except the oranges, don’t even need peeling, as the juicer also leaves them behind with the mesh filter and collects them in the container for pulp.

Another features of the Andrew James juicer are the two speed settings on its rotary dial switch that allow adjusting according to the ingredients you are juicing. The juicer can run the stainless steel blades at 15,000rpm or 18,000 rpm that you select for your soft of hard ingredients.

One more great feature of this machine is its safety feature. To prevent overheating, the motor is programmed to automatically shut off in case it gets too hot.

For convenience and easy and fast cleaning, all the detachable parts of the unit that are non-mechanical are made dishwasher safe. As well as cleaning, it’s easy to assemble the unit and disassemble. The juicer also includes a jug for the extracted juicer and a cleaning brush. Most parts you can wash in the dishwasher, but sometimes bits of fruit or vegetable get caught in places where it’s hard to get them out, so in such situations the cleaning brush becomes handy.

Andrew James Juicer

The design of the Andrew James Pro Whole Fruit Power juicer is quite sleek and modern. Because most of such kitchen appliances are left on the countertop, it’s an important feature as you want it to fit your kitchen’s design. The attractive design of this machine can fit any kitchen design.




It’s not a small unit, so its large size might be a downside for some who have little free space available in their kitchen. Also some of the customers complained that it doesn’t give us much juice as some other more expensive models.

Andrew James Electric Citrus Juice Extractor

Andrew James Electric Citrus Juice Extractor

For those looking for a juice extractor from citrus fruits a better option is the Andrew James Electric Citrus juicer.

This juicer has an elegant design with the housing made of stainless steel. Its design has a cylinder form and a handle for convenience and easy use. It’s a low powered 85 watt juicer, which makes the operation of the unit almost noiseless. All the parts can be detached for cleaning.



Overall, Andrew James juicer is an effective machine for making healthy juices of any ingredients. It has all the important features that make it easy to operate and clean. If after our Andrew James juicer review you would like to check other best juicers models available on the market, you can check our article here. Also you can check Jack Lalanne juicers.



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