Best Margarita Blender – Best Machine for Your Favorite Drink

For any party it’s a must to serve drinks. One of the best and commonly favored drinks is a margarita. To make frozen margaritas in mere seconds, a helpful tool is a blender. To get the best smooth finish for your drink, make sure to choose a blender that can stand up to the task and perform the blend to perfection.

When looking for the best margarita blender, there are several brands to choose from. You can either choose a blender specifically designed for blending margaritas or get a more versatile blender, using which you will also be able to make many other blends. You can choose what best suits your needs. Below we have compiled a list of the best margarita machines and an overview of each one.

PictureProduct NameCapacityPriceRating
Margaritaville DM1000Margaritaville DM1000
Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti
Margaritaville DM900Margaritaville DM900
Margaritaville FijiMargaritaville Fiji
Nostalgia Electrics HSB590Nostalgia Electrics HSB590

Product Reviews

Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM1000

The most popular brand that makes margarita blenders is Margaritaville. One of the most favorite machines of the brand is the DM1000 frozen concoction maker.

This east to use Margaritaville will ensure smooth and delicious results every time. With this machine you have option to either let it carry out the whole preparing process by itself or you can add a personal touch with the use of manual settings. With the second option you can control the consistency of the drink.

The easy pour jar, which has the capacity of 36 ounces, can prepare up to 3 drinks at a time. On the blender you can also the setting for 1, 2 or 3 drinks. The large ice reservoir can fill up enough ice to make 2 pitchers of margaritas.

The unit allows adding measured ingredients, so you can get the perfect margarita or any other frozen drink of your choice. The “Shave ‘n Blend” function finely shaves the ice. All the features of the DM1000 allow to easily prepare a frosty smooth perfection.


Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM3000

The DM3000 Margaritaville model comes not only with more settings, but also with more blending stations. It features 3 independent blending stations with each one having the capacity of 24 ounces. That’s 72 ounces of a margarita or other frozen drink that you can get per one cycle. And you can make two such cycles without having to refill the ice reservoir.

The 700 watts of power perfectly shaves the ice and blends the ingredients. With the three stations you can make three different drinks in one cycle. To make it easier for you to prepare a variety of drinks, you can prepare your choice with just a push of a button. The automatic settings include: margaritas, mudslides, smoothies, coladas, daiquiris and mojitos. You can also customize the drink’s consistency to your liking by using the “shave only” or “blend only” functions.

Its one more benefit is the tasteful design, which is done with bamboo and in polished stainless steel accents.


Margaritaville DM900 Battery Powered Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM900

If you would like to be able to prepare margaritas anywhere you go, you should consider the Margaritaville battery operated blender. It comes with a rechargeable 18-volt battery pack and on a single charge you can make around 60 to 80 frozen drinks or around 20 pitchers. The capacity of the DM900 pitcher is 36 ounces. With the preprogrammed settings you can select to make either 1, 2 or 3 drinks. You can also prepare the desired consistency with the “blend only” and “shave only” manual options.


Margaritaville Fiji DM2500

Margaritaville Fiji


The Margaritaville DM2500 comes also with 36 ounces capacity and a stylish design of the unit. The blender gives you four options of preprogrammed drink settings: margaritas, smoothies, mudslides and daiquiris. Other settings include the selection of a smaller or bigger batch of drinks (1, 2 and 3). Also, you can either let the blender automatically prepare you drink by choosing the “Shave ‘n Blend” setting or manually customize the consistency with the shave/blend only options.

The ice reservoir is quite large and lets you continuously prepare the drinks without having to refill. One full reservoir will last up to 3 full pitchers of blended drinks.


Nostalgia Electrics HSB590 Margarita and Slush Machine

Nostalgia Electrics HSB590

A more affordable option, but also a more simple model is the Nostalgia Electronics HSB590. The benefit of this machine is the large capacity of the pitcher, which is 128 ounces (1 gallon) for this model. The insulated container is made of see through plastic. It uses a dual swivel system that pulverizes and shaves ice and creates consistently smooth frozen drinks.


The Bottom Line

When looking for the best margarita blender, the top choices and absolute favorites are among the Margaritaville brand models. They are the best rated and mostly all the Margaritaville reviews give only praise to the blender. They are powerful and easy to use. They are also versatile, giving the possibility to make other frozen drinks, such as smoothies, daiquiris, mojitos and other. It effectively shaves the ice and even gives you the function of manual control over the consistency.

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