Best Meat Grinder Reviews – Top Products in 2021

The advantage of meat grinders is that you are in control of the grind’s thickness and its additives. Especially people that follow a strict diet can benefit from using a meat grinder as you can control the type of meat you consume. There are many products available with the function of grinding meat, so it’s worth your while comparing the best meat grinder models. Below the meat grinder reviews you can also read our guide that will help you to develop an understanding of their features.

PictureProduct nameWattsDimensionsPriceRating
STX-3000-TFSTX-3000-TF Turboforce
300016.5 x 6.5 x 14.5$$4.5
Sunmile G33Sunmile G33
40013.6 x 6.2 x 13.6$4.3
LEM Products .75 HPLEM Products .75 HP
5509 x 19.5 x 16$$$$4.9
manual8 x 5 x 5$4
180014 x 7.5 x 11.5$$$4.5
Weston 08-2201-WWeston 08-2201-W
75016.7 x 15.5 x 24.6$$$$$4.9
Waring Pro MG855Waring Pro MG855
3508.6 x 11.9 x 15.6$$3.8

Meat Grinder Reviews

STX International STX-3000-TF


Our favorite models in terms of both price and quality is the STX-3000-TF. It’s one of the mid priced machines that offer superior engine quality, high power, and high grade materials of parts. It’s one of the top rated meat grinders and in our opinion the best electric meat grinder on the market.

STX-3000-TF provides impressive power with the peak output 3000 watts. The motor can work with high and low speed, and additional reverse mode. The reverse mode is useful for situations when you get something caught in the grinder.

This models comes with a set of 3 grinding plates, 3 cutting blades, and 3 sausage and Kubbe tubes. All these attachments give great versatility of grinding options.

All the materials used ensure the product’s durability. The grinding head is made of cast aluminum, the cutting blades of stainless steel, and the grinding plates of hardened steel.

In all the electric meat grinder reviews this is the top choice. It has a high rating and is one of the best sellers on Amazon.


Sunmile G33

Sunmile G33

If you want a budget-friendly best meat grinder for home use, then our recommendation would be the Sunmile G33. It features durable design, high output and a full set of accessories for your different meat grinding needs.

The high-power motor is rated at 400 watts and the unit can grind up to 170 pounds of meat per hour. It operates with one speed, but additionally has a reverse mode.

One of the benefits of the Sunmile G33 is its durability. The body of the unit is wrapped in stainless steel and the grinder head is made of die-cast aluminum.

The set of accessories includes stainless steel cutting blade and plate, a plastic food pusher, and a sausage attachment.

This model allows grinding large portions of meat with little effort and in short amount of time.


LEM Products W780

LEM Products .75 HP

One of the most expensive meat grinders on our favorite’s list is the LEM W780 model. It’s a top product for the money and it having the best rating proves that. It’s great for frequent use with large amounts of grinding done.

It features a .75 horsepower motor that allows grinding up to 360 pounds of meat per hour. All of the parts of the grinder ensure durability. The motor comes in stainless steel housing, all the gears and roller bearings are made of metal, and knife and plates are made of stainless steel.

LEM W780 includes an impressive amount of attachments: 3 plates (stuffing, coarse and fine), 3 stuffing tubes, knife, meat stomper and Big Bite auger.

The features that the users like about this grinder are the quick and easy grinding, its durable design, and the low noise.


Norpro Meat Grinder


Norpro offers affordability and versatility of use. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that can grind, mince and make pasta. This unit is a good choice for more casual meat grinding not in large amounts. It’s the best manual meat grinder that for a very low price offers good quality and different attachments for versatility of use.

The whole unit, except stainless steel blades, is blade of plastic. So it might not be as durable as the models we have recommended above. The grinder comes with 3 pasta attachments for making rigatoni, linguine and spaghetti, and 2 screens for coarse and fine mincing. The NorPro also features a suction base for securing the unit onto the countertop.


STX-1800-MG Magnum


Another popular STX model is the 1800-MG Magnum. It’s also highly rated for its impressive features. Compared to the STX-3000-TF, this grinder is less powerful and is rated at 1800 watts.

One of the advantages of this meat grinding unit is its air induction cooling system. Cooling the motor it considerably prolongs the life of the appliance.

The housing of the unit is made of stainless steel that gives it both a stylish look and durability. The accessories for STX-1800-MG include an aluminum grinding head, 3 stainless steel cutting blades, 3 hardened steel grinding plates, 3 sausage stuffing tubes, tomato juicer and kubbe attachments.

Another feature that makes this model stand out is the inclusion of the tomato juicer attachment, so you can enjoy home made tomato juice at any time you want.

The brand really stands behind their product and backup their quality with a 3 year warranty.


Weston 08-2201-W

Weston 08-2201-W

If you are looking for the best commercial meat grinder, then our top recommendation would be Weston 08-2201-W model. It can handle large amounts of meat in short amount of time. In one hour it can grind approximately 725 pounds. So whether you will be using it for heavy duty grinding at home or at your restaurant or meat grinding shop, this is the perfect choice. It can easily handle any fibrous game meat such as elk, deer, moose and other.

The unit is made with commercial grade quality. Its outer housing, feed assembly, plates, blades and auger are all made of stainless steel. It features a 750 watts permanently lubricated motor that equips an air cooling system and a high speed auger. The multiple accessories allow doing meat grinding of different thickness.


Waring Pro MG855

Waring Pro MG855

Waring Pro MG855 comes in a solid and sturdy design with a brushed stainless steel housing. This gives the unit a beautiful look and a lifetime of use. The unit is made with professional quality and features a 350-watt motor that is able to handle heavy duty grinding. The controls include an on/off/reverse switch. This grinder can do ground sausages, meats for chili or hamburgers, pates and ground fish.

MG855 includes 3 cutting blades: fine, medium and coarse. The fine cutting blade you can use for making pates, spreads, baby food and hamburgers. Coarse one is perfect for making chili ground meat. The medium blade can make soup-related textures. For making sausages there are also 2 more attachments.

The parts for this unit are not dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand. Waring Pro guarantees quality of this product by providing a five year warranty.


Types of Meat Grinders

There are three basic types of meat grinders. Each has its own benefits that are more or less useful for individual circumstances. So one or the other type you might find more suitable for your needs. The three types are the following.

  • Manual Grinders

    Manual meat grinders are the ideal option for people who don’t intend on grinding large quantities of meat. If you grind meat just occasionally and if you don’t own a stand mixer, you will find a manual grinder a useful addition to your kitchen appliances.

    One of the benefits of manual grinders is that they keep stable when grinding. Some of the models also come with clamps for bolting the unit to a table or countertop.

    Most of the grinders in this category are made of iron steel with a stainless or aluminum coating.

  • Standalone Grinder

    This type of meat grinder is also called an electric grinder. It’s the right choice for you if you grind meat on a regular basis and in large quantities. These units usually cost more, but they also offer more features and grinding functions. They can include different grinding plates, tubes and other components, so you have more options of experimenting with the grind. To run these units you will need connection to a power outlet.

  • Meat Grinder Attachments

    Many of the popular stand mixers come with a food grinder attachment. These attachments you can use to grind more than just meat. This option of meat grinders is also a more affordable one if you plan to not only grind meat, but also grind and mix other foods. You also have the convenience of being able to mix right in the stand mixer bowl.


Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Meat Grinder

  • The Quantity of Meat You Intend on Grinding

    One of the important considerations to take into account when purchasing a meat grinder is the amount of meat you intent on grinding. If you plan to do just occasional grinding, then a simple and affordable unit will suit just fine. But for regular and more serious grinding, you will need a larger and more powerful meat grinder. Electric grinders are available of different sizes and motor power options.

  • Stand Mixer Attachment or Separate Unit

    If you will be grinding in small quantities or already have a stand mixer, then you can just purchase a separate grinding attachment. This will save your spending on a separate meat grinding unit and will allow to grind other foods as well as meat.

  • Budget

    Always an important consideration is the budget. Do you want a low end or a high priced model? Setting a budget will help you determine the type of grinder you need. For a lower price you can find simpler and less powerful models, while high priced units can offer more power and commercial grade quality.

  • Versatility

    A lot of the meat grinders can do more than just grinding meat. In addition to this main function, the grinders can also shred cheese, make pasta, produce bread crumbs, and more.

  • Cleaning

    When choosing the meat grinder, it’s also important to check the ease of cleaning it. On it depends the convenience of using the unit. So consider how easy it is to disassemble the grinder and can the parts be washed in the dishwasher or do you have to do it manually.

  • Durability

    To make sure your use of the meat grinder lasts a long time, choose one made of strong, durable materials. You will find that most of the models of high-grade plastics. For the housing that’s fine, but blades and plates should be made out of strong metals like stainless steel.

  • Power

    For casual meat grinding a manual unit would be sufficient. However, if you need high output, then you will need an electric unit with a powerful motor. Comparing the models consider their horsepower to decide whether it is enough to provide the output you need.

Where to Buy a Meat Grinder?

One of the best places to shop for a meat grinder is Amazon. There you can find the best prices and for many there is also free shipping available. Another benefit is that you can read other meat grinder reviews to determine if it’s the best meat grinder for the money.

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