Blender Bottle Review – The Quickest Way to Mix Your Drink

For those of us who like having drinks on the go, especially the blended healthy drinks, a useful tool is this Blender Bottle products. They are very handy as you can make blends of your favorite drinks right in the cup that all come with lids for convenient sipping. To provide you with more information on the products we have compiled this Blender Bottle review.

Blender Bottle has several various models of their bottles available. Among the bottles that you can use for the drinks on the go, Blender Bottle has the Classic, SportMixer and Prostak shaker bottles. All of them include a wire whisk that works to mix and blend your ingredients in the bottle.

Other products by Blender Bottle include GoStaks, which are small jars that you can use for packing nutritious supplements for your time at the gym or for just organizing small snacks and other small items in a versatile system.

PictureProduct NameCapacityPrice Rating
BlenderBottle SportMixer28$4.4
Blender Bottle Prostak22$
BlenderBottle® Classic28/20$4.6

Blender Bottle Reviews

Blender Bottle SportMixer

blender bottle review

This unique utensil was designed with athletes in mind for their active and busy lifestyle. The bottle itself is made of BPA-free plastic, which provides durability, quality and safety. Additionally, it features an odor-resistant technology with its Eastman Tritan copolyester, so today’s smoothie or shake is the only thing you’ll be tasting.

On the lid it has a sport loop, which allows you to clip it to your gym bag or backpack for convenience and free hands. The lid as well as the grip part feature rubber overmolding for an easy and firm hold on the bottle, whether you are holding on to the bottle while jogging or walking or while you’re shaking up your protein shake.

Blender Bottle SportMixer

For mixing the ingredients this SportMixer has the patented Blender Ball, which is a small wire whisk. So make your mix you need to just add your ingredients to the bottle, and then throw in the blender ball and shake the SportMixer. The wire whisk will whip the ingredients inside the bottle creating a smooth consistency for your drink. After mixing your drink you can enjoy with leaving the blender remaining inside. It’s made of 316 surgical-grade stainless steel so it won’t rust, peel or chip.

SportMix has got a leakproof design and it’s dishwasher safe and has the capacity for 28 ounces. For measuring your ingredients it also features an ounces and milliliter markings.

In this blender bottle you can make smoothies and shakes, flavored drink mixes energy drinks, and more.



Blender Bottle ProStak

Blender Bottle ProStak

Prostak blender bottles are also a great option for athletes and people who like working out a lot. It includes the bottle with the wire whisk and Twist n’ Lock small jars.

The little jars which are interlocking with the bottle all come with individual lids. They can be used for carrying post or pre workout supplements. You can take powder, vitamins or pills on the go but leave their entire behind at home. You can take for your workout even without the blender bottle.

Just like the SportMix bottle this utensil also has a loop for clipping it to your bag, measurement markings on the bottle, and the strong wire whisk. The capacity of this bottle is 22 ounces, so a bit smaller than the previous bottle.

The ProStak blender bottle includes the bottle itself with the blender ball, 2 different small jars (150cc and 100cc jars) and one removable pill organizer.

Blender Bottle ProStak

This blender bottle is available in many different colors. CHECK THE LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON FOR COLORS orange/white, purple/white, pink/white, green/white and orange.


Blender Bottle Classic

Blender Bottle Classic

The Classic line of blender bottles come in two sizes: 28 and 20 ounces. The main features are same to the rest of the blender bottles. BPA-free plastic, the whipping Blender Ball, Gripper Bars for easy holding, and the measurement markings.

Its size can fit securely into any car holder. Its got a wide mouth for easy addition of the ingredients.

The blender bottle can be used to make nutrition drinks, fiver supplements, protein shakes, and meal replacement drinks. Except beverages you can use it to prepare pancake batter, salad dressings, scrambled eggs, omelets and gravies.



Blender Bottle Gostak

Blender Bottle Gostak

In the Prostak blender bottle we have mentioned the little jars for storing pills and nutritious supplements. They are sleek and compact, freeing you of having to carry the big jars.

Blender Bottle Gostak

They are available in different sizes. You can get a pack of four with each one of different size, a pack of three or four of same size. Having different size you can mix and match for your needs.

Each one securely screws onto the base of the water bottle. When travelling, to make it more compact you can toss the jar into the bottle.

In the jars you can store anything you want, be it baby formula, nuts, condiments, dips, chopped fruits and veggies, as well as small travel items, loose change and more.

CHECK THE LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON FOR COLORS green, red, purple, black and blue.


Blender Bottle products can be very handy for people who are always active as well as for any people who like having drinks on the go. However, if you want something more efficient for making smoothies and protein shakes, you can read our articles on best Hamilton Beach and Oster personal size blenders. This blenders provide high power, blending even hard ingredients such as ice. Most of them also come with travel cups, that you can conveniently take to your gym or anywhere else. We hope that you have found our Blender Bottle review helpful in your search.

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