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The Breville company was established over 75 years ago. With its many years of experience they have been serving people with an excellent range of blender and juicers. This household name has been staying true to its original values of satisfying the needs of customers. They’ve got a great line of blenders and juicers. Their juicers are considered to be among the best juicers on the market. The blenders they produce are also of great quality. Below we provide the Breville blender reviews of the best units in their production.

PictureProduct NameDimensionsWattsPriceRating
best breville blenderBreville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender
15.2 x 8 x 181200$$$$$4.4
breville blender reviewsBreville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender
8 x 6.5 x 17750$$4.2
Breville BSB510XLBreville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender
2.5 x 3 x 16.2280$4.4
Breville 800BLXLBreville 800BLXL Hemisphere Blender
11.5 x 9.2 x 16.51000$$$4

Best Breville Blenders Reviewed

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

best breville blender

The Breville BJB840XL is dual-machine that comes with interchangeable attachments for both juice extraction and blending. This two-in-one unit is easy to use with intuitive controls and comes in a durable design with a die-cast metal construction.

Except being a versatile unit, it’s also a powerful machine. There’re two separate motors for the juicer and blender. The blender uses 1200 watts, while the juicer operates 1000 watts. The motors also offer 5 different settings of speed. The juicer you can set to operate at different setting depending on the type of fruit or vegetable you’re juicing. The blender of the BJB840XL features the following preprogrammed settings: chop, mix, blend, puree and liquefy.

The power and versatile settings allow you precision blending and juicing with perfect smooth results. The blender effectively liquefies and blends with leaving no clumps in the mix. The juicer’s power and high speed extracts the maximum of juice.

For the blender and juicer there’re also 2 different jugs included. The capacity is 40 ounces for the juicer jug and 51 for the blender. So the blender is not one of the big sized ones, rather more an average sized one.

Through the 3-inch feeding chute you can add a lot of the foods without any prior cutting up. The effective juicing is provided by the titanium-reinforced cutting blades and a micro-mesh filter basket. This way everything is perfectly pureed with all the pulp left behind.

The cleaning can be a bit tedious for the juicer as there’re some parts that need to be taken apart. Although most of the cleaning time takes the mesh-filter basket, the rest can be easily cleaned with just a good rinse.



Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

breville blender reviews

The Breville BBL605XL for creating perfectly blended mixes came up with an innovative hemisphere blade system. The stainless steel blades feature an extra wide contoured design, which during the unit’s operation sweep the ingredients along the base of the container pushing them up, where they are again pushed down with the central blades. So you don’t need to do any tampering or shaking to make sure that all the contents are blended through the blades.

Containing 750 watts of power features 5 speeds for preprogrammed settings. The include speed for mixing, chopping, blending, pureeing and liquefying. 3 additional buttons feature the following settings: ice crush, smoothie and pulse. The functionality of the Breville BBL605XL combines not just blending tasks but also food processing.

The controls are user friendly and it’s easy to select the illuminated buttons for different settings. The blender also features an LCD timer, where it counts down the time of the blending cycle.

The pitcher can hold up to 48 ounces of liquids. It’s BPA free and comes with a hemisphere bowl system, which along with the hemisphere blade helps to pull all the contents through the blades.

It comes in a sleek design with a useful feature of the retractable cord storage that coils around the unit’s base.



Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL

For those preferring an immersion blender, a good option among the Breville blenders is the BSB510XL Control Grip model. This blender offers a lot of control over the texture of your mix. With 280 watts its variable speed control offers 15 settings.

The immersion depth of the handle is 8 inches, so it can reach into tall pots and containers. The base features a revolutionary bell shape with internal ribbing that creates turbulence for more efficient blending with less suction of the foods.

The strong power and many settings make the Breville BSB510XL excellent for multiple functions, such as blending, ice crushing, pureeing, emulsifying or whipping using the included whip attachment.

This model features an ergonomically optimized Control Grip handle, so it comfortably fits your hand for an easy hold during blending.

Additionally, the unit includes 2 jugs for blending and chopping. They can be compactly stored as the bigger blending jug can house the chopping bowl. If except the Breville immersion blender review, you would like to read reviews of other immersion hand blenders, read our article here.



Breville 800BLXL Hemisphere Blender

Breville 800BLXL

A more powerful to the previous Hemisphere blender, Breville 800BLXL also comes in a modern sleek design. With 1000 watts it’s up to the task of handling multiple blending functions, including ice crushing.

There’re less settings on the Breville 800BLXL. There’re two speeds for blending and smoothie making, and a pulse action button that is also a setting for ice crushing.

It’s a bigger sized blender with the polycarbonate jar having 67 ounces capacity. The blades also feature an extra wide design for keeping the foods from getting trapped. The hemisphere blade design keeps pushing the ingredients up and down through the blades, resulting in a perfectly smooth mix.

The design of the blender is also very durable. The motor body is made in stainless steel and polymer, which also eliminates friction and reduces the noise.



Breville is a trusted brand with high quality products of blenders and juicers. The products we have given a Breville blender review are very well commented on and rated by customers. The features that are most liked by the users are high power, durable design, the hemisphere blade system that creates smooth results and a good price for a blender of this high level. If you would like to benefit not from just a blender but also a juicer, a great option is the Breville BJB840XL. If you would prefer an immersion blender, the BSB510XL model is your suitable option. Among just blenders the Hemisphere Control units are excellent products. We hope that with our Breville blender reviews you’ll find the best unit for your needs.


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