Magic Bullet Replacement Parts

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Magic Bullet blender. It’s been around for over a decade now and must have produced so many millions of smoothies, shakes and juice cups that it’s not even funny. You can read some of the reviews it’s garnered over time. But the fact that it’s so popular and cheap nearly guarantees that, sooner or later it’s going to break. Then what do you do?

Small Silver Magic Bullet, 11 Piece Set

Start looking for replacement parts, that’s what. Given that the manufacturer doesn’t necessarily sell these parts themselves you’re going to have to locate reliable manufacturers that do provide spares to replace what’s broken down.

Find out what’s wrong with your blender and how to repair it

There are several types of spare parts that most people end up looking for with the Magic Bullet:

Replacement gears

Magic Bullet Gears
Magic Bullet Gears
Gears can wear out, and there are a number of manufacturers that provide replacements.

New blades

Magic Bullet Blades
Magic Bullet Blades
These new blades are made to replace the originals for your Magic Bullet blender.

New set of cups

Magic Bullet Replacement Cups
Magic Bullet Replacement Cups
Magic Bullet Replacement Cups
Cups break or get lost, so a replacement is sometimes needed.

Accessories for the Magic Cup

Other than that, you may be looking to pick up some accessories like extra cups, lids, different size cups and diverse other types of items.

If your Magic Bullet has started to leak you can easily seal the leak with a new gasket.
Magic Bullet Accessories
Accessories like replacement cups with a flip top lid or other extras like additional spares are also a good choice.

When you consider the low price you paid for your Magic Bullet you really can’t expect it to last forever, right? Well, with a little love, care – and some replacement parts – maybe you can. It’s just a matter of finding out why your blender is no longer working and locating the right parts.

Keep in mind that the parts we’ve recommended here fit the original 250-Watt Magic Bullet Blender (MB1001 Series), they do not fit Mini Magic Bullet or Baby Bullet, and definitely do not fit any other brands like Nutribullet or Ninja.

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