Magic Bullet Reviews – Is the Hype Real?

First release of Magic Bullet was in 2008 and since then it has been a hugely popular blender. It’s an infomercial staple but can also be purchased online. To better understand if this blender would meet the expectations and your needs, it’s useful to read the Magic Bullet reviews that would give you more understanding of the unit’s features and functions. We have compiled our Magic Bullet reviews based on the thorough research we have done of all its features, the functions it performs best, and its efficiency. Also our research is based on reviews of users who have purchased and have been the Magic Bullet.

magic bullet reviews

Magic Bullet Features

It is a compact unit that can be alternative to three important kitchen appliances: a traditional blender, juicer and food processor.

This Magic Bullet is a multitask tool that can make smoothies, process food, and also grind coffee. To all its great functions, this blender also comes with a great design. Its small, slim and compact size allows to store it almost anywhere without it taking up too much space. Its vertical design with a small round power base can easily fit in a cupboard or a small corner.

However, the small size at the same time means that it has less power, so it might be not able to chop items in large quantities as well as the more powerful ones. According to Magic Bullet consumer reviews it handles well most of the fruits and vegetables, except leafy greens and the fibrous foods.

Magic Bullet Features

Two Different Sets Available

There are different sets of the Magic Bullet blender available. There’re two options with 17 and 25 pieces in a set available. The sets include the power base, 2 bullet cups, 2 blades, 4 mugs with colored comfort lip rings, 2 vented and 2 sealed lids for refrigeration and storage, and a recipe book.

Easy to Use

Another advantage of Magic Bullet blender is how simple it is to use it. There’re no mysteriously named settings and you don’t need to adjust the speeds. Although that can be a downside on the other hand, if you prefer having control over the blending. Magic Bullet blender has only one setting. To prepare your mixture, you just fill one of the cups or a mug with your ingredients, then screw the blade cap on it. Flip the cup over and hold it down on the power base. That’s all. As long as you’ll keep the cup pressed down on the power base, the motor will keep running. To stop it you just need to release it. If you want to blend it extra time and have your hands free, pressing down turn the cup so it locks. The Magic Bullet has no control panel with buttons to push. In many of the Magic Bullet blender reviews, the users are praising how easy and fast it is to use this blending tool.

Cyclonic Cutting Zone Blades

This blender features the Cyclonic Cutting Zone blades. This process draws food into the cyclonic cutting zone, which does the blending job in 10 or less seconds. However, for some recipes, depending on which ingredients you’re blending, it can take longer. Since Magic Bullet is not very powerful, it might struggle also blending ice.


Magic Bullet Features

Easy to Clean

All the parts of this blender are made dishwasher and microwave safe, making the use of it really easy. It’s really convenient that you can store your ingredients in the cups or mugs, then you can heat them up in the microwave right in the cup again, and then easily clean them in the dishwasher.

Of the two blades that come with the blender one is cross and the other is flat. They’re interchangeable, so you can choose for different blending tasks.

The Magic Bullet blender is perfect for making single servings of different blended drinks like smoothies, shakes, sauces. If you need a blender with larger capacity, for example if you want to make drinks for the whole family at once, other options might be a better choice for you. As a personal blender for making healthy drinks, this machine does a great job.


The drawbacks to this unit might that it doesn’t crush ice that well and it’s better at blending soft ingredients but it struggles to blend some raw vegetables. Also after extended use of the blender, the motor can heat up if operating for more than a minute. To avoid it overheating, it’s recommended to allow it to rest between the tasks.


The Magic Bullet is ideal for blending soft ingredients, whipping cream, making salsa, sauce, dips etc. The ease of using it and its handy functions make it a great addition to any kitchen. If you’re looking for a small blender for processing soft foods, grinding coffee and other beans, and blending liquids, then Magic Bullet is a great choice. However, if you need a real food processor, a real juicer, or a powerful blender that could effectively turn ice into snow, then you check other available options of blenders, though they would be more pricier ones.

Its small size is perfect for those who have limited space in their kitchen. The Magic Bullet can easily find a place in a cupboard or right on the countertop, so it’s easy to get it out for making everyday morning smoothies or other healthy drinks.

We hope that the Magic Bullet reviews helped you to understand if the blender functions and features meet your needs. It might be small, but it can be extremely handy with its main functions that it performs very well.


You can also check out a video Magic Bullet review below.

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