The Ninja NJ600 vs BL610 – Which One Is The Best?

Ninja NJ600 vs Ninja BL610 comparison

Are you looking for a new blender for your kitchen? The best selection of blenders you can find are ones made by the brand Ninja! What is Ninja? Ninja is a brand that sells common household items like blenders and vacuums.

Ninja has many different blenders that you can choose from. However, there are two in particular that we are going to compare and contrast in this article. The two blenders we are going to compare are the Ninja NJ600 vs BL610. We will go over the similarities and differences.

Then from there, we will recommend which one you should buy. We hope by the end of this article that you will be convinced enough to buy the recommended Ninja blender.

Tried and TrueNice Price
Ninja NJ600Ninja BL610
Ninja NJ600 BlenderNinja BL610 Blender
Dishwasher SafeGreat Price
Holds 72 ozEasy to Use

Similarities Between Ninja NJ600 vs BL610

First, let us start with the similarities. The good thing with both of these blenders is that they have many similarities which include:

The Capacity Of The Jar Is The Same

The Ninja NJ600 and BL610 hold the same capacity. The capacity of both of the jars of the blenders is about 72 oz.

Both Blenders Have The Same Motor

Both the Ninja NJ600 and BL610 have 1000 watts, which is great because this means that both blenders are powerful when crushing fruits or vegetables.

You Can Make The Same Drinks/Food

For both of the blenders, you can create smoothies that come from fruits that are frozen or fresh, frozen drinks like margaritas or daiquiris, frozen treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, snow cones, etc, and even make different salsas or dips.

The Ninja NJ600 and BL610 Have The Same Buttons

The four buttons that both blenders have include:

  • Ice Crushing: Used if you are crushing ice
  • Blending: The best option if you are going to just blend something.
  • Pureeing: If you want to puree something. This option is typically used if you are making puree sauces or smoothies.
  • Controlled Processing: Perfect if you want to have full control of the processing

Both Are BPA Free

BPA (stands for bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical that is used for household products like blenders. The best part about both of these is that they are BPA free, meaning they are both made with the same material (plastic) which makes it free from chemicals.

The Color Of Both Blenders Are The Same

The Ninja NJ600 and BL610 come in the same color. Both come in black.

These are just some of the similarities that both of these blenders have. On the other hand, these blenders do have some differences that we would like to mention.

Differences Between Ninja NJ600 vs BL610

Despite the many similarities that the Ninja NJ600 and Ninja BL610 have, they also have some differences which include:

Their Item Dimensions Are Slightly Different

For the Ninja NJ600, it is 8 x 7 x 17 inches while the Ninja BL610 is 9.5 x 7.5 x 17.

The BL610 Comes With More Blades

Unlike the NJ600 which only comes with one blade, the BL610 comes with six more blades that help crush ice and make drinks faster.

The NJ600 Is Dishwasher Safe

If you don’t want to go through the troubles with washing the blender with your hands, you could buy the NJ600 as the parts of the blender (pitcher, lid, and blade) are dishwasher safe. However, cleaning BL610 is easy to do. All you need to clean the BL610 is with a damp cloth.

The Capacity Of Liquid They Hold Is Different

While the jar capacity for both blenders is the same, the capacity of how much liquid both can hold differs. The Ninja NJ600 holds 72-ounces while the BL610 holds 64-ounces.

These are the differences that both blenders have. Now that we got the similarities and differences out of the way, let us now tell you which one you should buy.

ModelNinja Professional Blender (NJ600)Ninja professional blender 1000 (BL610)
Ninja NJ600 BlenderNinja BL610 Blender
Introduction Year20102014
Motor Size1000W1000W
Pitcher Size72 oz72 oz
Single-Serve CupsNoNo
Manual Programs3 + Pulse4
Automatic Programs44
BPA Free?YesYes
Dishwasher Safe Parts?YesYes

Recommended Blender

According to the information provided above, we believe the Ninja BL610 is the perfect choice between the two. Why do we say the BL610 is the recommended option? There are a few reasons why BL610 blender is the best:

The Price

Let us start with the prices. According to the prices on Amazon, the BL610 costs less compared to the NJ600. You can usually find the BL610 for under $100 while the NJ600 is around $150.

The BL610 Is An Amazon Choice

Things that are sold on Amazon that have the Amazon choice typically means the product is high-quality. The NJ600 doesn’t have an Amazon choice unlike the BL610.

It Comes With More Accessories

As we mentioned previously, the BL610 comes with more items that are guaranteed to make the best drinks or food. It has six different blade sizes that help with crushing ice and blending ingredients more smoothly. The accessories are also easy to take off and clean.

The approximate time to take apart the blender is about fifteen seconds.

The Motor Is Quiet And Durable

Another benefit the Ninja BL610 has over the NJ600 is that the motor won’t make too much noise and is durable. You don’t have to worry about making a lot of noise when using the BL610.

It Has More Favorable Amazon Reviews

The BL610 has an average of 4.7 stars while the NJ600 has 4.5. This means that the BL610 has a little more reviews than the NJ600. According to the positive reviews, here is what they say about the BL610:

  • While it is made of plastic, it doesn’t feel like you bought a cheap product and it is strong and secure.
  • The machine is easy to use.
  • BL610 blender has a long life. According to one review, they had it for four years and they are still using it.
  • The blender would not stall compared to other blenders and your drinks won’t come out clunky.
  • You don’t have to hold onto the lid of the BL610. Rather, it locks onto the top.
  • You can put the blade on the top and bottom of the blender.

Among other favorable reviews. These are the amazing advantages that the BL610 has over the NJ600. With all this being said, we highly suggest you buy the BL610 because of these things we mentioned above.

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