Ninja Professional Blender Reviews – Blender + Nutri Ninja Cups

Ninja is a house care brand, whose products are mainly focused on getting their customers healthier. In this goal they offer a wide range of home and kitchen products. One of their best kitchen appliances is the Ninja Professional NJ600 blender and to let you know what makes this blender great we have created this Ninja Professional blender reviews.


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Ninja Professional Blender Specifications

The Motor

This Ninja Professional blender is quite powerful and is able to handle most of the tasks of food processing. This blender is available in two options. You can either purchase one with a 1000 watts motor or with 1100 watts motor. The price difference is not that big and the second option comes also with single serve cups.

1000 or 1100 watts of power is more than average power of motors in most blenders. This high level of power allows easy blending for most types of foods. The high wattage also allows easy ice crushing into snow, as well as consistently blending other ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables.

The users that have given a Ninja NJ600 review commented that the unit is powerful,but it also makes this blender quite noisy, though this is normal for such blenders. Though this unit is powerful, it cannot heat up soups by blending them from cold ingredients. This feature is available in Vitamix and Blendtec.

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The Controls

The Ninja Professional blender is equipped with only three settings for speeds 1,2 and 3, which are listed on the base of the unit. There’re two more buttons for pulse and single serve. At any time of the ongoing cycle you can apply short bursts of power by pressing the pulse button. Single Serve mode is available only in the 1100 watts model of Ninja Professional blender.

The two Nutri Ninja cups are designed for making drinks right in them. You just fill them up with ingredients and attach it to the base and it does the work. They feature the special Nutri Ninja technology that’s designed to provide nutrient-rich beverages from whole fruits and vegetables. The technology makes silky smooth drinks that are filled with vitamins and fiber. The cups include to go lids, so you can make your personalized favorite drink and take it on the go.


Ninja Professional Blender

The Container

The big jar that comes with the Ninja Professional blender has a four-sided square form. With 72 ounces capacity the pitcher features a tall and thin design with 16.4 inches height, which might a bit too tall to fit under most of the standard sized kitchen cabinets. The tall and thin design allows to fit the six blades that make sure that no ingredients are left out of the blades.

The container also comes with a locking lid, which is a good safety feature. The blender will not start working unless you secure and lock the lid in place. Except being great for safety, it will save your countertop from leaks or spills. Once you have locked the lid and started running the blender, it will not take off until you stop the operation and click ‘release’ button.

Ninja Professional Blender

The pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic, so you can feel safe as it doesn’t contain the chemical bisphenol A. The cleaning process for this blender will also not provide you any hassle. The pitcher, as well as the blade assembly with the lid, are made dishwasher safe.

Overall, the benefits of this Ninja blender include the powerful motor, the high capacity pitcher for preparing large quantities in one blend, its sleek design, and easy to operate and clean. Most of these qualities are praised and highly rated in each users’ Ninja NJ600 review.



Ninja Professional blender is a great choice for those who are looking for a high performance blender at an affordable price. It’s not as efficient as Blendtec or Vitamix but simple blending tasks as well as making great smooth smoothies the blender handles well. The higher priced alternatives offer more quality and versatility. However, for its price Ninja Professional NJ600 blender provides a good level of performance. We hope that our Ninja Professional blender reviews have helped to decide if this is the right blender for your needs. You can also check our reviews of other best Ninja blenders.


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