Omega NC800 vs NC900 – Which Should You Pick?

Juice extractors are a must for the health-conscious. It’s because this simple machine can make anyone healthy. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are the most common food groups for juicing. They are also known as superfoods, but can only turn into that if the juice is extracted. Then you can have all the vitamins and minerals you need – conveniently available in a glass!

However, not all juicers can make an excellent glass of juice. The Omega juicers can be the perfect solution for your dilemma. This Omega nc800 vs nc900 review will provide further information about these ideal juicers. It will help you to determine which one to get in the end. This comparison will give better insight, which will suit you best.

Omega nc800 vs nc900 Quick Comparison

We RecommendGood Choice as Well
Omega NC800Omega NC900
Omega NC800Omega NC900
Silver FinishChrome Finish
13 lbs18 lbs

To learn more about the Omega juicers, it will be helpful to learn a bit more about their features. By looking at it alone, it seems that they don’t have much difference from each other. It’s hard to decide by just looking at this information. But it’s an excellent way to learn these facts before moving on to the comparison.

Similarities Between Omega nc800 vs nc900

The similarities of these two Omega juicers are cunning. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart. However, since they have different models, it means that they will have some differences somehow. But first, let’s talk about their similarities. It will be a great way to start since they have a lot.

1. The Way They Look

The Omega NC800 and Omega NC900 look the same. They have the same size, which makes them almost identical. Both of their motors are inside, and they have the same looking handle. Anyone can quickly get confused since these two Omega juicers are very similar in appearance.

2. Chute System

When it comes to the chute system, they both have a chute that goes to the two-way system. The first one is the opening where the juice goes. The other one is another opening to where the pulp can be extracted. It means that they also have the same juicing process.

3. Base System

Omega juicers have the same base system. It’s an arched base that can be dismounted down. This is another similarity between these Omega juicers. Some juicers have different bases to distinguish the difference between them. But it’s not the case for these two models.

4. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, the Omega juicers are also the same. Both have six nozzles, a dual-system auger, a pulp container, a juice jug, an end cap, and a cleaning brush. It looks like you can easily interchange them if you have both of these juicers at home. You will never even notice that they are the accessories for the other juicer model.

5. Wattage

The Omega juicers also work on the same wattage, which is 150W. Since they have the same motor, two horsepower, powerful enough to even use it for hard fruits or vegetables that you want to extract. Both of these juicers can make high-quality juice that you will surely enjoy.

6. Power Settings

The power settings of these masticating juicers are also the same. It can be set up in five settings, and that should be good to juice your favorite fruits and vegetables. They also have the same RPM, which makes both of these juicers quieter compared to others. Both also have the same dual-stage masticating system.

7. Warranty

These blenders have the same 15-year warranty. That’s for parts and performance. It’s good to know since you can make sure that whatever Omega juicer you choose, it’s backed up with this warranty. That can provide you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about the juicer breaking down.

Differences between Omega NC800 and NC900


The Omega nc800 weighs 13 lbs, while the nc900 weighs 17.45 lbs. It’s a slight difference, but by lifting them, you will know which is which. However, it can be surprising since they have the same size. Depending on your preference, the weight can be a deal-breaker if you like moving your juicer around the house.


It’s a good thing that you can distinguish these models from their color. The Omega nc800 is silver,while the nc900 is chrome. However, you can’t still tell the color difference since they both look silver. But chrome is shinier compared to silver for these juicer models.


The price can be the real deal-breaker when it comes to the Omega juicers. The nc800 being the older model, it is a bit cheaper compared to the c900. Since they look the same and provide high-quality juice, it’s better to choose the more affordable version. It will save you money while you start being healthy.

ModelOmega NC800HDS Masticating JuicerOmega NC900HDC Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer
Omega NC800Omega NC900
Size14.5” x 15.5” x 6.5”14.5” x 15.5” x 6.5”
Weight13 lbs17.5 lbs
Motor Size150 W150 W
Speed80 RPM80 RPM
Warranty15 Years15 Years
Accessories6 nozzles, dual-system auger, pulp container, juice jug, end cap and cleaning brush6 nozzles, dual-system auger, pulp container, juice jug, end cap and cleaning brush

Recommendation on Which Blender to Buy

The similarities are cunning with these two Omega juicer models. But based on the price, we’d give the slight edge to the NC800 making it the winner. They have the same features as well as appearance. Plus, the nc800 is lightweight compared to nc900, even with the same size.

Another good reason to choose the Omega nc800 is the reviews about this model are fair enough. It can extract juice with less foam, and it’s easy to dismount to clean after use. Both of these are good for juicing, which is the primary purpose why you will get one for yourself.


The Omega juicer models are both made of high-quality materials. Plus , the fact that they are backed up with the 15-year warranty is a sure winner. Therefore, it’s wise to go for the nc800 since it’s more affordable. That way, you can start your juicing journey today and begin a healthy lifestyle.

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