Oster 12 Speed Blender Reviews – Multifunction Blenders

The Oster brand has many blender products available on the market. It’s a trusted brand and their blenders are favored by many users. They have a line of blenders that offer multiple speeds. In this article we have listed the models that offer a dozen of speeds for more customized blending control. With more speed options you can create your perfect blends of almost any ingredients. Read more details below in our Oster 12 Speed Blender reviews.

Oster 12 Speed Blender Models

Oster 6811 Blender

Oster 12 Speed Blender Reviews

A great deal of durability as well as versatility is offered by the Oster 6811 blender. It’s a great fit for any kitchen and it looks great on a countertop.

This useful tool is designed for accomplishing multiple kitchen tasks. To handle all the blending demands, the Oster 6811 unit equips a powerful 450 watts motor. The all-metal drive system makes the machine even more durable. The high power with the stainless steel blade of the unit allow it to complete such tough tasks as ice crushing.

Its other benefit is the big glass jar for holding up to 6 cups of liquids. People are usually more confident with using a glass blender jar, as it is sturdier, thicker and more stable. Also, the leak-proof lid of this Oster keeps the mix from splashing out and creating a mess.

Oster 6811 can operate at multiple speeds that you can control with the push-button settings. The dozen settings include 6 low and 6 high speed options. For alternating between high and low speeds, the blender features a switch. The 6 low speed settings include cream, chop, easy clean, puree, mix and whip. The high settings function for grating, shredding, liquefying, blending, grinding and ice crushing. You can do even more precise blending using the pulse function.

This blender is available in several different options. You can purchase it either in brushed nickel, metallic red, blue or red finish. Also it’s available in black with an additional 3 cup food processor attachment.



Oster 6684 Blender

Oster 6684 Blender

With the same dozen speeds Oster has designed its 6684 model. It equips the same power of 450 watts, giving it the ability to crush tough ingredients, including ice. So you can make smoothies and frozen drinks with it and get consistently smooth results.

The settings for the Oster 6684 are similar to the ones of the previous model. There’s also a choice of low and high speeds designed for different functions. For a different task you can select a speed programmed for that specific task. The functions include blending, whipping, mixing, chopping and others. For the high and low speeds you can additionally use pulse action.

The jar is a bit smaller and can hold up to 5 cups. It’s also made of glass that is safe for the dishwasher cleaning.

The Oster 6684 also has a durable construction with the all-metal drive system that extends its life cycle. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space of the countertop. It’s available in black and white options.



There’re two more Oster models available that also offer 12 speeds of operation. These models are Oster BLSTFG-C and Oster 6663 Designer Blenders. They differ in design. The BLSTFG-C blender is available in two options: brushed nickel and metallic red. The Oster 6663 unit can be purchased only in white color. Except the color difference, there’re also differences in the design of the power base and the jar. The capacity for the BLSTFG-C is 6 cups, while for the 6663 blender it’s 5 cups. The rest of the features, however, are the same. They equip same amount of power as the other 12 speed Oster blenders we have mentioned above, they all have an all-metal drive system, they also offer the 12 speeds with 6 of them operating at low speed and the other 6 at high speed. Additionally, pulse action is included in both models.

Pricewise the 6663 model comes at the highest price among the 12 speed blenders by Oster.



Oster BLSTFG-C Oster 6663 Designer


Overall, these 12 speed Oster blenders are made with good quality and durable designs. Their multiple functions offer a lot of versatility and allow precision blending and mixing. These multi-taskers can be a really useful tool around the kitchen for preparing different recipes. You can use them for grinding coffee or nuts, chopping vegetables, whipping cream, blending and mixing smoothies, making frozen drinks and much more. They are high powered and all these tasks they can easily handle. Operating at high speeds, the results they create are always smooth. Their one more benefit is the affordable price. We hope that in our Oster 12 Speed blender reviews the information was useful for your search.


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