Blendtec Total Blender Review

Blendtec Total Blender
  • Cleaning
  • Noise
  • Speed
  • Price
User Review
3.5 (4 votes)
Pros: High power. Multiple settings. Easy to use interface. Sturdy design. High quality. Good warranty.
Cons: Noise. Price.

Product Specifications

If you are looking for a high end blender, one of the first options you should consider is the Blendtec Total model. It has gained quite a lot of popularity and its users are blown away by its amazing power and ease of use. Its high power provides great performance even in heavy use, so it’s widely used also in restaurants. But are there also any downsides to this blender? What makes it one of the best blenders that you can find on the market? Read our Blendtec Total blender review to find out.


blendtec total blender review

Powerful Motor

It’s an all-in-one appliance that gives you many options of mixing and blending different foods. It makes drinks, such as margaritas, fresh juice, smoothies, cappuccinos and milkshakes. Blendtec Total also makes sauces, ice cream, soups, dressings, bread dough and performs many other food preparations. With this one machine you can replace up to nine other kitchen appliances.

All this versatility it achieves with its power. The 1560 watts allows blending even the toughest ingredients. So you can easily get snow from ice or prepare a drink from frozen fruit. The 3 HP direct-drive motor provides reliable work even when you are blending big batches of food.

Blending Jar and Blade

bladeOne of the differences of this Blendtec model compared to other blenders on the market is the form of the pitcher. Unlike the standard round form, Blendtec Total comes with a square pitcher. The benefit of this form is that the ingredients don’t keep swirling when they hit the sides of the jar. Instead they fall back right into the blades. This conveniently eliminates the need for pushing down the mixture to have a consistent result.

If you usually prepare mixtures in big amounts, then the large 3-quart sized jar will be just perfect for you. Its BPA-free feature makes it a safe to use product.


The jar securely closes with a vented lid. In the center it has a removable chute. So if you need to add more ingredients during the blending cycle, you can just add them through the chute without stopping the blender and removing the lid.

The great blending results of this blender are provided not just by the high power, but also by the specially designed blade. It’s a 4 inches blade that’s precision-tuned with vertical wingtips and precision angles for perfect results. It’s made of stainless steel and cold-forged to withstand heavy use. The combination of the large jar and blade makes the blending tasks easy and fast.


The high power ensures high speed. The unit offers multiple speeds for you to choose according to the blending task. The minimum speed is 4,080 rpm and the maximum is 28,000 rpm.


total blender controls

Ease of use of this machine is provided by the Smart-touch technology. To get your mix blended all you need to do is press a button. The blender will then automatically arrange the speeds up and down to make sure that you get a consistent blend. After the cycle it automatically shuts off.

The 10 preprogrammed speeds give different options for carrying out different blending tasks. Choose one program and the blender will run on autopilot. So you don’t need to watch over the blender as it works. Just leave it and go about your other tasks.


  • Well-built with a sturdy base. During its operation, even at high speed, the unit remains steady.
  • 1560 watts of motor power.
  • Uncomplicated interface. Easy to choose settings according to your needs.
  • Multiple settings. Its versatility gives you multiple options of preparing your favorite foods.
  • Easy to clean. For many people this is a major factor. For cleaning Blendtec Total blender just add to it several cups of water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Run the blender and it will do the trick. The base you can just wipe with a damp towel.
  • Includes an instruction manual and a recipe book.
  • The motor and base come with a 3 year warranty.


  • In operation it’s quite loud, which is understandable due to its high speed.
  • High price tag. However, this is a high end machine and you do get the quality you pay for.



Blendtec Total blender is one of the most popular blenders. In our opinion it’s a great choice. Its high quality ensures that this tool will be helping you with your kitchen tasks for a long time. Its high rating of the users and almost every Blendtec Total blender review of customers being positive feedback shows that it’s an appliance worth the investment. It’s versatile with multiple settings, so it will make all your food preparation tasks easy and fast. Its competitor among blenders of this quality level is the Vitamix. These two blenders are equally good and it’s more the choice by preference.

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