Breville BJE200XL Review

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Pros: High yield of juice. High power and speed. Relatively easy cleaning. Easy to use. Wide feed chute is a plus.
Cons: Not suitable for leafy greens, as it is not the right type of juicer.

Product Specifications

One of the top sellers among juicers is the Breville BJE200XL. For the juicing it equips a lot of power. For durability and ease of use it’s made with an excellent design and construction. Its features allow maximum extraction of minerals and vitamins. It’s got a compact size and for an affordable price it offers a technologically advanced and ergonomic juicer. Read our Breville BJE200XL review below to find out more about its benefits and features.


Breville BJE200XL Review

Type of Juicer

The Breville BJE200XL is a centrifugal type of juicer, which is the most common type. The units of this type generally feature fast speed operation. Fast spinning grounds the fruits or vegetables and forces and squeezes out the juice, leaving a dry pulp behind. However, if you prefer making wheatgrass, kale or other green juices, you should find a masticating juicer. Our reviews of which you can find here. But for juicing any other ingredients, soft or hard, the powerful Breville BJE200XL will do a perfect job.


For this price range, the Breville BJE200XL features a strong motor. This powerhouse operates at 700 watts, spinning at 14,000 rpm. The high rotation speed squeezes out the pulp in seconds. The downside to a powerful motor is the noise. Though the sound is about average for a centrifugal juicer.

The Container

Breville BJE200XL juicerThe unit comes with an integrated container that collects the squeezed out pulp. It’s easy to assemble and it can hold up to 1.5 quartz. For collecting the extracted juice the machine also includes a juice jug of 25 ounces. For better results it also features a froth separator.

The Juice Yield

The juicer manages to produce out of the pulp a high yield and results in a drier pulp residue. It performs better when juicing hard produce, but can struggle with soft foods and leafy greens. Also, this juicer is built for speed, so it works faster but doesn’t produce as much juice as a masticating juicer.


Clean Up

Breville BJE200XL juicer 2The Breville BJE200XL features a simple design for assembling and disassembling. It’s made with snap locking mechanisms that uses magnets to keep the parts together. This makes the process of taking it apart or putting it back together a breeze. When assembling it make sure that the juice cup and the machine are line up in order to avoid spillage.

Most of the parts are dishwasher safe or you can just rinse them with warm soapy water, so it saves time on the cleanup. Some more time would take cleaning the cutting disk. Here you’ll need to do a bit of scrubbing, but the juicer includes a brush, which makes it quite simple to do.

Ease of Use

Breville BJE200XL juicer 1

It’s really simple and doesn’t require much effort. You don’t even need to tamper the ingredients down, as the high speed is powerful enough to pull everything down. To shorten the time of preparing the ingredients, the unit also features a 3 inches wide chute. So it’s wide enough to handle many ingredients in full size. So less time is spent on precutting them.

Other Features

Compact footprint with the size of the Breville BJE200XL of about an average sized coffee machine. Makes it easy to store or keep it on the countertop, without it taking too much precious space.

Its light weight stands at approximately 10 pounds. So you can easily move it around. However, though it is lightweight, the unit is also stable and won’t bounce around during the juicing process.

The body of juicer is mostly plastic, which contributes to its light weight. The micro-mesh filter is crafter from durable stainless steel. The material of the cutting disc is titanium.

Centered knife blade assembly.


  • High power and speed.
  • A durable compact design with a great built quality.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Gets the most of fruits and vegetables.
  • Plenty of volume.
  • Large feeding chute.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • 1 year warranty.


There’re no big drawbacks to this product. Though it’s not the suitable juicer for leafy greens and wheatgrass. Also, the high speed as on many other centrifugal juicers can create some foam on the juice. If you’ll be doing juicing in large amounts, the pulp container is not designed for large quantities so it will need emptying in the process.



This juicer is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It keeps receiving numerous positive reviews and it’s highly rated at 4.5, which shows that most of the customers are happy with their purchase. The advantages of the Breville BJE200XL that stand out are the affordable price for this quality of juicer, its high power, really easy use, and its excellent performance in juice extraction.

It’s cleverly built so preparing the unit for operation is a quick and easy process. The cleaning will only take several minutes with most of the time required for the cutting disc scrubbing. The high speed allows to prepare your juice in just seconds and the wide feeding chute saves time on the pre-juicing preparation.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended product for this price range. Breville, also has more professional quality juicers available. So if you would like more power, you might want to consider them, though they also cost more. To check the reviews of the best Breville juicers you read our article here. We hope that our Breville BJE200XL review has been helpful.

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