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Breville JE98XL review

Healthy living means eating healthy foods. So if you want to have a healthy body and overall healthy body system, looking at the advantages offered by the best and most nutritious foods should be a good decision. How do you get the highest nutrition from these foods? Juicing has been one of the most common methods considered by people who are on a diet and the ones who want to be as healthy as possible. However, to be able to make this work, using the right piece of equipment is needed. In this case the introduction of the new Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor should be a great help. Therefore, everyone looking to purchase a new juicer should consider reading a Breville JE98XL review so as to see what others are saying about its efficiency when it comes to juicing.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

This product perfectly designed and produced for any person, particularly for people who need a functional juicer that will help them extract the best nutrition from any fruit or vegetable. It comes with a number of innovative and purpose driven features that will certainly make using it your best experience for juicing. This new Breville JE98XL Juice unit surely has advantages for people who are working on a diet as well as the ones wanting to live a vigorous life by consuming the healthiest juices from various fruits and vegetables. The unit features great functionality that everyone will surely love from using it.


breville je98xl review

Product Features

  • This unit is a perfect countertop juicing machine that comes with extra wide three inches feeder chute.
  • It features 850 watt dual-speed motor that is complemented with the powerful cutting disc made of stainless steel, providing fast results.
  • It also comes with an overload protection LED, a safety locking arm along with a huge capacity mash collector.
  • The unit also features parts that are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. These parts basically include the one-liter juice jug that is integrated with a froth separator, a cleaning brush and a filter basket.
  • The product measures around 13 1/5 inches x 16 ½ inches x 18 1/5 inches.
  • It is also backed up with a one year limited warranty.


Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor is a powerful juicer that will certainly extract the most nutritious juice you want from your favorite foods. It comes with a durable 850 watt motor that comes with a dual speed control, including the low speed around 6,500 RPM for softer vegetables and fruits and the high speed around 12,000 RPM for harder ones. It comes with extra-wide patented feed chute roughly three inches wide for juicing large vegetables and fruits with little to zero preparation or cutting. In addition to this is the direct patented central feed system for optimum juice extraction.

The unit also comes with the Nutri Disc with integrated mesh filter basket made of stainless steel and stainless steel blades helping to spin out the pulp. For added durability, it is supported with its high quality polymer body. It is a one liter juice jug or 34 fl. oz. with a froth separator. Along with this, it features a pulp container of large capacity with a built-in handle. Cord storage is also included in the unit. This power cord enfolds around feet, while clipping into place below the base for an alleviated countertop footprint. The innovative features should enable you to make the most of using this unit.


One drawback you can find from this product is that it might be quite hard to clean it. While it comes with a number of parts to disassemble and assemble, this may be an issue for you. This is a common complaint from reviewers of Breville JE98XL. However, once you get used to disassembling and assembling this product, it will be perfect in the end.

Customer Reviews and Score

The product presently has the average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the customers who reviewed this product gave it a perfect score of 5. Many of them mentioned about the stylish design and functional features found with the product.



A lot can be said with Breville JE98XL review due to its functional features and attractive design. It is a juicer that everyone loves, particularly the ones who want to make their juicing jobs much easier. So if you are looking to purchase a new juicer as you engage in a healthier lifestyle, looking at the features offered by Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor should be a smart decision. When choosing a juicer also consider your the type of juicer that you need. Do you need a centrifugal or a masticating juicer? Do your prefer citrus and other fruit and vegetable juices or leafy green juices? Breville JE98XL is a centrifugal type, so it’s a better option for different fruits and non-leafy vegetables. For leafy greens good options to consider are triturating juicers.

If you would like to read reviews of other great juicers by Breville, we have an article on best Breville juicers here.

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