Ninja 1200 Reviews – Versatility of Blending Options

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Pros: The unit is made of food safe materials. Versatility with various blending options. High power. Ease of use.
Cons: The big size might make it difficult for some people to fit it under kitchen cabinets.

Product Specifications

If you’re looking for a professional grade blender but also one at a reasonable price, a good option to consider is the Ninja Kitchen System 1200. This model is in between the ordinary blender and the high-end units. It can provide with consistent results and will last with reliable operation for several years. So read our Ninja reviews below to find out more details and see if it meets your needs.


Ninja 1200 Reviews


Any kitchen can benefit from a high quality blender. There’re so many recipes in our every day cooking that require chopping, mincing, dicing, pureeing and many food preparations. The Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is designed to perform all these functions and to so with consistent results. It features high power and sharp blades that also easily handle ice. Different sized jars offer more versatility. Both of them have a lock-in lid. It comes with all the useful features of a top quality blender for a price that’s reasonably affordable.

How It Works?

This unit boasts a high power motor of 1100 watts. The razor sharp blades of the 1200 model allow you to crush almost anything in just seconds. The combination of high power and blade sharpness gives high performance blending as well as ice crushing. It operates at high speed, crushing foods in mere seconds.


Ninja 1200 PITCHERSThere’re two pitchers included with this Ninja kitchen system: 72 and 40 ounces capacity. When preparing your blend and pouring the ingredients into the pitcher, make sure that it doesn’t go over the highest measured marking. The measurement markings you can find on the side of the container.

To the 72-ounce food processing pitcher you can add up to 20 ounces of dry ingredients or up 72 ounces of liquids. The 40-ounce bowl can fit up to 20 ounces of dry ingredients or 40 ounces of liquids.

The two pitchers can be interchanged on the power base. The lid locks into a place and keeps the ingredients from spilling out during the blender’s operation. The pout spout makes it easy to pour the created mix out of the pitcher.



The Ninja 1200 kitchen system offers 3 speeds. The 3 preprogrammed settings include blending, crushing and dough mixing. You can create a more custom blend adding the pulse action. It also features Smart Speed technology that adjusts the speed accordingly to in the ingredients.


Ninja 1200 attachmentsThe system comes with multiple attachments, giving you more blending options. Except the stainless steel blade with total crushing technology, Ninja 1200 includes 3 more blade attachments for use in the food processor bowl. They include a chopping blade, dough blade and paddle.

The chopping with its technology and speed evenly chops the foods every time. This blender is suitable not just for blending, but it can also make dough. The blender effortlessly mixes bread or pizza dough with the use of the dough blade. The dough paddle is suitable for mixing dough for favorite delicious cookies.

Easy Cleanup

Ninja 1200 kitchen system is fairly easy to clean. The parts such as blades and pitcher are easily disassembled and most of the parts can put in the dishwasher. To clean up the motor you can just use a damp cloth to wipe it.


  • Versatility. It’s a multifunction unit that you can use for various kitchen tasks. The two different pitchers as well as the included blade attachments give you more options of food preparation. You can either whip, knead and mix dough, blend, chop, grind, puree and crush ice for frozen drinks.
  • High Power. With 1100 watts it offers professional quality blending.
  • Ergonomic Design. The ergonomic handle of the two pitchers allows a comfortable hold when pouring out the mix. The unit is equipped with a lock-in suction to keep the blender stable holding it down in place.
  • Food Safe Materials. The durable plastic, of which the bowl and the big pitcher are made of, are both 100% BPA free.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain. The blender is really easy to operate and change between different attachments. The cleanup is just as easy, as you can separate the parts and the dishwasher will do the rest of the cleanup.
  • Moderately Noisy. For a unit of its power, the Ninja 1200 is fairly quiet.


  • The lid doesn’t have a hole. During the blending if you would like to add to the mix some more ingredients, you have to stop the operation, remove the lid and only then you can add them. Some of the blenders feature a chute on the lid, that makes adding the new ingredients more hassle free.
  • Big Size. The unit is quite big and there’re 2 pitchers included, so it might not be that easy to store for someone who has little free kitchen space.



Most of the users are really enjoying blending with their Ninja 1200. It is well reviewed and has good rating. The most favored features of this kitchen system are the high power, the availability of 2 pitchers that you can interchange for different use.

The Ninja 1200 makes food preparation as well as eating healthy more fun and easy. Virtually any food that you add to the blender will get pulverized. The unit is also great for making delicious desserts from dough and nutrient rich healthy drinks, such as creamy smoothies. It also handles frozen blending, even chopping of the foods and equips great food processing ability.

In this blender’s price range, the Ninja 1200 kitchen system is a great option to consider. For the money it offers excellent power and features.

If you want more power, Ninja has another upgraded model – the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The price is a bit higher but it also offers 1500 watts of power, more functions and includes travel blending cups that are perfect for vitamin and nutrient extraction for healthy drinks. However, if you want a simpler version, the Ninja 1200 is a perfect choice. We hope that in our Ninja 1200 reviews you have found the right information to see if this blender meets your needs.

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