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Pros: Addition of different attachments, giving it multifunctional use. High power. Easy cleanup. High speed.
Cons: The big pitcher is only 48 ounces, so not the perfect size for blending in big amounts. The noise is a bit on the loud side.

Product Specifications

Ninja Master Prep is one of the best sellers on Amazon among blenders and food processors. Its popularity is gained by its efficient and useful features and affordable price. It’s a powerful unit that is designed to handle even the toughest tasks. It’s easy to use and it makes a great kitchen tool. However, it has its benefits and drawbacks. To learn more about them continue reading our Ninja Master Prep review, in which we take a deeper look at the product.


Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

Power Options

Ninja Master Prep blender is available in several options. The options differ in the power of the unit.

400 Watts (Ninja Master Prep QB900B)

The BQ900B model is equipped with a power pod that operates using 400 watts. This power provides many functions of blending, including frozen fruit blending and consistently even chopping.

450 Watts (Ninja Master Prep QB1000)

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) 1

If you think that 400 watts of power will not be enough for you, there’s also an option of 450 watts. So it also offers all the basic functionality, but adds an additional, powerful punch. It might not seem like a big difference during regular blending, but it can be really useful when you are blending harder items. So this model can handle tougher jobs than the previous blender. You get additional 50 watts, but price for these two units is almost the same.


The motor of the blender is located in the power pod, which can be switched between the jars that come with the Master Prep. The blender doesn’t have multiple speeds, but works only with pulse technology. To activate you can use the large pulsing button located on the power pod.


Parts and Components

Ninja Master Prep (QB1000)One of the main benefits of Ninja Master Prep is its multi-functionality. It comes with different parts that you can interchange and use according to the task you would like it to perform. With this added versatility you can perform almost any blending task. In the box with the product you get:

  • 16 oz bowl: this bowl is perfect for chopping, mincing, blending, dicing and pureeing different ingredients in small batches.
  • 48 oz pitcher: with more capacity the pitcher can be used for different blending tasks, such as making frozen drinks, smoothies and other, in larger batches.
  • 2 blades: the unit includes a 4-blade and a 6-blade set, both of which use the stacked blade technology. The 2-layer design of the blade creates a smoothness of the blend without you having to stop the blender and push the ingredients down into the blade. However, using the blender you should be careful, as the blade is pretty sharp.
  • 2 storage lids: for both the chopping bowl and the pitcher, so you can store your blends and keep them fresh.

Ninja Master Prep reviews

Easy to Clean

When choosing a new blender, for most people one of the important criteria is the ease of cleaning it. Cleaning a blender should be a breeze and for Ninja Master Prep it is exactly that. All the removable parts of Master Prep can be just cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • 2 different sized containers, making the blender multifunctional.
  • Powerful: you can make anything from frozen drinks and milkshakes to chopping nuts and vegetables. It can also make snow from ice for your frozen drinks.
  • Easy cleanup: the parts are dishwasher safe, making the cleanup a no-hassle deal.
  • Easy storage: its compact size allows easily finding it a storage space.
  • Storage lids: the addition of the lids for both containers allows you to store the mixtures right in them without having to transfer them into separate ones.
  • Easy to use and fast: all you need to do is press a button and the high power creates a good pulsing speed and as a result you get consistent smooth results.


  • As the majority of high powered blenders, Ninja Master Prep also creates lot of noise.
  • If you are planning to make mixtures in large amounts for many people, then the 48 ounces pitcher capacity might not be enough for you. A better option for you might be larger sized blenders. For example, a good choice among Ninja blenders can be Ninja Professional blender.
  • Some customers question its durability. With appropriate use such as using the power in bursts and not leaving it on for a long time, the blender should last a long time. This blender might not give you a solid feel, like what you get with more expensive models. But for the price you pay, you get very good value blender.

What Do Customers Say In Ninja Master Prep Reviews

The majority of Ninja Master Prep QB900B reviews are very positive with very few complaints. The benefits most mentioned in the Ninja Master Prep blender reviews is the ease of cleaning it, its fast speed and power with which it effectively blends all the ingredients, and its multi-functional ability.



Ninja Master Prep might not be the ideal blender for every blending task, but it can handle mixing, chopping and blending a wide variety of foods. It might not create perfect results blending roughly chopped vegetables, but it will create excellent smoothies, frozen drinks, creamy dips, baby food and other.

People who are always in a rush can also benefit from this blender, as it is quick and easy to use. The handy addition of different containers allows you to blend anything you want from a smoothie for a single person to a big bowl of soup. Its affordable price, high rating and many Ninja Master Prep reviews of customers prove it’s a choice of a blender.

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