Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Reviews

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Pros: Multiple attachments including Nutri Ninja cups that offer a variety of blending options. High power motor.Affordable cost. Easy cleaning.
Cons: A relatively high level of noise. The price might seem high for some people, but it offers good value for the money.

Product Specifications

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is one of the affordable blenders in its range of high speed and professional quality. With quick and easy operation it blends almost anything you put into it. Its functions include a combination of the most important kitchen appliances, such as blender, juicer and food processor. And you get all that in one affordable kitchen tool. To find out more details about this versatile unit, read below our Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 reviews.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Reviews


Equipping a 2 horsepower powerhouse that uses 1500 watts, it has the ability to pulverize just about anything. In a snap it can prepare different kinds of foods. It’s strong enough to crush ice and gentle if you need it to be for certain foods. The professional power handles limitless tasks.

There’re several settings available. There’re 3 speeds programmed for blending, mixing dough and ice crushing. The unit also offers a separate function for using with the Nutri Ninja cups. Additionally, you can add pulse action to your blending.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Multiple Attachments

With the Ninja 1500 blender you can either blend in big amounts in the 72-ounce pitcher, make personal drinks in single serve Nutri Ninja cups or process food in the 64-ounce bowl. Different blending containers give you a lot of versatility.

Ninja Mega Kitchen Nutri NinjaIn the big pitcher you can prepare any foods, from delicious smoothies to salsas, dips, soups and other. Food processing bowl can be used for chopping and with the sharp blades the results will always be consistent. The bowl can also be used for mixing dough, for which it also includes a separate dough blade. It does this function really fast. In just 30 seconds in can prepare 2 lbs. of dough.

The Mega Kitchen also offer 2 Nutri Ninja cups. These 16-ounce personal cups are perfect for preparing healthy drinks and using them on the go. The drink blending takes place right in the drinking cup, so it’s very convenient to use and to clean. The cups utilize a Pro Extractor Blade for creating a silky smooth drink that is also rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins.


Cleaning Up

Very easy cleaning. The blades detach from the containers and both of them can be put in the dishwasher. It’s recommended that they’re placed on the top rack.

Other Features

The base of the unit features suction cup feet that lock the blender down to the counter and keep it from moving around when it’s operating.

Doesn’t require a tamper to keep the contents down at the blade as it’s designed with cyclonic action. This technology forces the ingredients of the mix down, so all of them get chopped and pulverized.

The Mega Kitchen comes with an Inspiration Guide that includes a lot of recipes that you try out for your healthy diet.

The blender is designed with good safety features. One of them is the locking mechanism of the lid to the motor base. Unless it’s securely locked, the motor will not start operating. The unlocking can also be done if the motor is at a complete stop. This prevents any splashing out of the ingredients as well as any injuries. Also the blades come off the jars so you can safely wash them.


  • A variety of options for blending. The big pitcher for large jobs. Single Serve cups for personal healthy drinks or other small quantity blending. Food processing bowl with the food processing attachments for mixing dough or chopping different foods.
  • 1500-watts use of the powerful motor. It allows you to fulfill different blending function with less effort and with higher efficiency.
  • Unique blades ensure fast and consistent results.
  • Affordable cost for professional blending.
  • The cleanup takes little time and is very easy.


  • The blender is quite noisy. However, considering its high power of the 2 horsepower motor, the noise is to be expected.
  • The Nutri Ninja cups are great for nutrient juicing and making healthy drinks out of fruits and vegetables and it leaves all the nutritious pulp in the juice. But if you want true juicing without any pulp, you may want to consider purchasing a separate unit that’s specifically designed for juicing.
  • The cost is relatively high, but considering its power its high-end quality and multiple functions it’s worth the money.



Based on most of the reviews that were given by real users, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is an excellent blender. It’s designed for various food blending and nutrient juicing. If you are using it for juicing, it will leave the vegetable and fruit pulp in your healthy drink, but that makes it even healthier. Overall, the users comment that it’s a perfect addition to any kitchen.

The big advantage is the versatility of this blender. You can use it as a personal blender and make drinks in the Nutri cups for your busy life, or prepare large amounts in the pitcher to serve for the whole family. And with its high power, all your blending tasks will be done in seconds. We hope that our Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 reviews have been of help to you.

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