Nutribullet Reviews. How well can it blend?

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Pros: Easy cleaning. Powerful motor. Available in different colors. Convenient for making on the go drinks.
Cons: With proper use this unit should not encounter problems. Otherwise, if overfilling the cups or applying too much pressure on the motor, there can be leakage or motor problems.

Nutribullet Features

Nutribullet blender is without doubt one of the most popular blenders on the market today. A more compact alternative to such highly popularized brands of blenders as Blendtec and Vitamix, the Nutribullet is also a perfect match for a person looking for high level blender features for a reasonable price. Anyone looking for a unit that will help to incorporate more veggies and fruits into the person’s daily diet with smoothies, shakes and other healthy drinks, will appreciate and benefit from the simplicity of this machine. We have scoured and thoroughly researched Nutribullet reviews of real customers to give you the most detailed review. After reading our review you can understand why it is such a widely publicized kitchen appliance.

This blending machine delivers top-notch performance and its powered operation delivers excellent blending and mixing results. It’s an intelligent machine that will save all the essential nutrients from the ingredients you’re blending and will ensure the best results. Its power provides fast operation, so it works as fast as a bullet. This blender is an easy way to add more beneficial daily nutrients to your diet.


Nutribullet Reviews

Power and Performance

This unit equips an impressive amount of power for such a small device. The high torque power of the motor operating at 1200 watts in combination with strong stainless steel blades easily manages even the toughest stems of vegetables and can also slice through the hard skins of fruits. It spins the blade at 10,000 rpm. The milling blades have a special design with the purpose of extracting more raw benefits of nutrients from the fibers of the ingredients you’re blending. This ensures that you receive in your blend the perfect boost of nutrients to help you manage you busy lifestyle.

The motor is located in the blender’s power base, the core component of the machine. To prepare your blend you just need to pick one of the included cups, fill it up with the ingredients, screw on the lid with the blade, turn it over and press it down on the power base. The motor will start to automatically spin the blade.

Safe Blades

The Nutribullet blender comes with 2 included different blades. For long lasting use they’re made of durable stainless steel. The blades can be used for different thickness of your blend and you can accordingly use either the flat blade or the emulsifying blade.

Even though they’re powerful, the edges of the blades are not too sharp, which makes them safe. They also feature a cyclonic action design. This patented design of the blades was developed for creating more smooth blends with maximum nutrients extraction with the Nutribullet. The blades spinning at high speed also pull down the other ingredients from the top, making sure that all the contents are crushed through the blades and no chunks are left unblended.

It has the capability to crush through almost any ingredient. You can even grind nuts and seeds without any harm for the blades.

nutribullet blender

Take It On the Go

Many of us have a tight schedule and sometimes there’s not enough time to get a healthy meal. A good solution to this is taking a healthy nutritious drink with you on the go.

The Nutribullet blender includes 3 blending cups: 1 tall and 2 short ones. The main tall cup can fit 24 ounces of contents. It can be used for emulsifying and creating nutritious drinks. The 2 small cups with 18 ounces capacity also have an integrated comfort lip ring for easy holding.

The two small cups are designed for making the healthy drinks right in them. You can just screw on the blade and make your favorite blend right in it. This is a convenient way for making a healthy drink for on the go. It’s fast to make, leaves no extra mess, and the cups come with re-sealable lids so you can take them anywhere with you. You can also refrigerate and store your mixtures right in the cups.

This blender is a great option for anyone looking for a portable blender and those who like having their healthy drinks on the go.



Easy Cleaning

Smoothie blenders have a tendency to be quite messy. This is due to the reason that smoothies are made of stickier and thicker consistencies than just regular juices. The Nutribullet blender includes 10 components. Each of them can be dismantled for cleaning in the dishwasher. Also with the small blending cups serving as drink cups as well, leaves less mess to clean up after.

The Package Includes

The Nutribullet is a 12-piece set. The main components include the power base, 3 cups (1 tall, 2 short), 2 re-sealable lids and 2 blades (1 flat blade, 1 emulsifying blade). Additionally, the blender offers a pocket nutritionist and a user guide with a recipe book.

With the user guide you can better understand how the blender works and how to use. The recipe book contains multiple nutritious recipes of life boosting and body rejuvenating drinks. Plus, some might be interested in following the included in the recipe book 6-week transformation plan, made by Nutribullet. The pocket nutritionist is a handy small book that will teach you on how to plan a weekly menu, how to find the freshest produce, which organic foods to look for, and much more.



Powerful Motor. Its main feature is that it equips enough power to provide the user with a consistent mix. Most of the reviewers on Nutribullet have commented that the high power gives high capabilities of blending.

Different Blades. Many users have liked the inclusion of two different blades: a milling blade that’s great for grinding fresh herbs, milling any grains and chopping nuts. The extraction blade is great for handling tough ingredients and making smoothies, protein shakes, pulverized vegetables and fruits with maximum nutrition inside.

Easy Cleaning. The users have appreciated that the cleaning process for this unit is easily done without any hassle. You just easily dismantle the components and put them in the dishwasher. Additionally, as it doesn’t require any extra jars or cups, it leaves fewer components to clean.

High Speed. One more notable benefit of Nutribullet is its exceptional speed. The 10,000 rpm speed uses bursts of power, which makes the whole blending process very fast, which usually takes longer with any other regular blender. The whole preparation including cutting up and adding the ingredients into the cup takes about 3 minutes. The time can vary depending on what exactly you are blending. Most ingredients need a bit of precutting but some can be put into the blending cup in whole.

Comfortable Portability. The Nutribullet helps to enjoy healthy drinks anywhere you go. You can just put on the lid and throw it in your gym bag to enjoy the drink later. The unit is also lightweight, so it’s easy to move it around. It’s also small and any kitchen can find a place to store such a small device.

Available in different colors, so you can choose the perfect one to fit the colors and design of your kitchen.


Though the Nutribullet is receiving mostly positive feedback by its users, there’re a few that encounter some problems.

One notable complaint that some of the users have mentioned in their Nutribullet feedback comments is the leaking issue. However, according to multiple responses concerning this issue, it is a solvable problem. Reading the manual might help to understand how to properly use the machine. The leakage may occur if you overfill the device. The contents should not be filled above the max line, a marked line you can find on the cup. An overfilled cup doesn’t give enough room for the blending process, as a result it gives too much pressure and can lead to leakage. Also the cup should be screwed on tightly to the base. Many customers insist that if you use it correctly, there’re no leaks occurring.

One more issue some but not many customers have experienced is motor problems is the blender is used for long bursts. However, this problem can also be easily avoided. In the manual it mentioned that it’s advisable not to use the machine for longer than 5 minutes, as it might cause motor problems. It’s designed to work in short bursts, so it shouldn’t be overloaded.



Overall, this small blender is a great choice for a person who is always active and on the go. Its compact and small size makes it convenient to take with you anywhere. You can seal the cup with a lid and put it in your bag or purse it to take to work or gym. It’s extremely powerful and there’re not many other blenders of this size with such power.

The guide and the recipe book are a handy addition to the package, using which you can get the most out of your blending experience with the Nutribullet. You can also experiment with their suggestions of healthy meals and drinks. It really complements to a healthier lifestyle and does so for an affordable price.

The majority of the reviews of Nutribullet gave a positive feedback and a good rating. This is one of the best models in the category of personal size blenders. It’s very similar to Magic Bullet though.

It’s equipped with all the features to provide delicious and smooth different flavored smoothies or any other drink you like. It’s easy to use, the process takes just several minutes and there’s no hassle with cleaning it.

If you are wondering where to buy Nutribullet for a good price, the best prices are online on Amazon with free shipping. There you can also check reviews from other customers.


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