Oster My Blend Reviews – Blend Right in The Sport Bottle

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Pros: Compact size. Easy to use. Powerful motor makes quick preparation of blends. Convenient sport bottle.
Cons: Is not very good at crushing large amounts of ice.

Product Specifications

Oster My Blend blender is one of the best personal size blenders. For its great value it’s available for an affordable price. It’s a great kitchen appliance that will help you with many food preparations. It’s small, powerful and convenient to use. This blender is also a great gadget for individuals with a busy lifestyle. To know more about its benefits and main features read our detailed Oster My Blend reviews below.


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This is not one of the most high powered blenders, but for the small size it has, it packs enough to handle many blending tasks. It uses 250 watts, which gives it ice crushing ability and blending even hard ingredients.

Oster My Blend is a one touch operated machine and it also offers only one speed. However, this makes the whole blending process more simple, easier and faster. You can conveniently start blending with just twisting and pressing the bottle onto the power base. The motor will immediately start spinning the blade with no fuss and without any time wasted.

The Sport Bottle

This personal size blender is designed for portability. Instead of the pitcher or the standard blender container, Oster My Blend comes with a sport bottle, in which you can directly make your mixtures. Its size can hold up to 20 ounces of liquids. It’s made of safe BPA-free plastic.

The sport bottle gives you the convenience of preparing your smoothie or any other health drink right in the bottle, and then taking it with you wherever your busy lifestyle takes you. It’s a great way for creating a quick portable breakfast or a quick smoothie or protein shake to enjoy after your workout.


Oster My Blend sport bottle

The Oster personal blender sport bottle includes a drinking lid that you can screw on after preparing your drink and take the bottle with you on the go. Additionally, the lid includes a carry hook so you can easily carry the bottle.

If you take the sport bottle with you on the go and after finishing your created drink, you can reuse the Oster bottle. You can fill it up with water or other beverages as you go through your day.

If you’ll have several people using the blender, you can also purchase extra sport bottles for this blender. They are separately available on Amazon.


The Oster My Blend blender consists of the power base and the sport bottle. Two more attachments include the interchangeable drinking lid and the blade. The blender features a sleek and compact design. Its small size makes it conveniently portable and easy to store. This model can be purchased in different color variations, which are the following: green, orange, pink and light powder blue.

Oster My Blend colors

Cleaning the Blender

The cleaning is a breeze for Oster My Blend blender. As you mix your ingredients right in the sport bottle there’re extra parts to wash. It is also dishwasher safe, so the whole process is no hassle.


Quick and easy to use.

Very easy cleanup.

Convenient portable sport bottle.

Perfect size. Easy to store and makes the perfect size smoothies.

Affordable price.

Powerful motor.

Relatively quiet.

Makes good smoothies and shakes, and does a good job at grinding coffee beans.

Oster My Blend easy use


The blender can make frozen drinks but the result is not that great as could be with a more powerful blender. It can crush ice, but not the big ice cubes.



The Oster My Blend blender is a great solution for fast and easy preparation of favorite smoothies for drinking them on the go. It’s a perfect unit for busy people, as the whole blending process takes just minutes and then you have the convenience of taking the blending bottle anywhere you go.

This time saving blender also reduces the effort needed for cleaning up after using the blender. The availability of the unit in four colorful variations is also a plus. Many users have given positive Oster My Blend blender reviews, commenting on the convenience of using it for on the go drinks and how quick the whole preparation is.

So if you’re looking for a small blender for making personal size drinks, Oster My Blend blender is definitely worth considering. It’s made by a reliable brand that has proved to provide good quality with its products. We hope that our Oster My Blend reviews have been useful to you.

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