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Big capacity jar. Durable construction. Powerful motor. Stainless steel blade. Easy to use. Relatively easy to clean.

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If you’ve been looking for a high performance blender, you’ve probably already arrived at the fact that the best models are provided by Vitamix and Blendtec. However, these heavy duty blenders also come at a high price. If you’re looking for the same performance blender, but at a more affordable price, then a good model to consider is the Oster Versa. Its price is about twice less as of Vitamix and Blendtec, however its quality is close to theirs. To know if it’s the right blender for your kitchen you’ll need more information, that’s why we have created this Oster Versa Reviews.

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Oster Versa is available in three options, two main models either with a short (BLSTVB-RV0) or tall (BLSTVB-000) jar, and the third option (BLSTVB-103) includes along with the main jar two personal cups and a food processing bowl. The first two models have similar features, except the design and dimensions. The third comes with different features and attachments.


In Oster blenders BLSTVB-000 and BLSTVB-RV0 the motor operates at 1400 watts. It’s also equipped with stainless steel blades, which the powerful motor can spin at 250 mph for effortless blending. Compared to other high performance blenders, with this power it’s not far behind.

However, the third model, the BLSTVB-103, is equipped with a 1100 watts motor, which is a bit less but still very powerful.

With 1400 watts Oster Versa can handle such blending tasks as crushing ice and frozen fruits, pureeing hot soups, grind nuts, blend smoothies, and much more.

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Pre-programmed Settings

Operating this blender does not require any guesswork. The two main blenders come with 3 pre-programmed settings, such as soup, smoothie and dips/spreads. With the one-touch operation, the Versa will automatically start the blending process and stop when it’s finished. To achieve the perfect blending results, it will automatically set the necessary time and choose the perfect speed.

The Versa BLSTVB-103 features two settings: smoothies/frozen drinks and dips/salsa. They work with the same concept as the previous models.

All the three blenders additionally have a pulse button and a variable speed dial, so you can adjust the speed to your needs and give bursts of power to your blending.

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Durable Design

The Versa blenders feature a design for lasting durability. The two connecting pieces feature an all metal drive. Being made of metal it offers more durability and longer life that you can rely on.

It also features a six point blade, which is made of stainless steel for through blending of hard and soft ingredients.

The pitcher of the blender is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. The base of the blender is sturdy and prevents slipping during the unit’s operation. The jar connects to the base with the quick-connection top, which allows quick connection of two pieces without twisting or snapping them.

The Jar

The container’s capacity is 64 ounces. It’s equipped with a secure fitting lid and a convenient spout for leaving no mess. On the side the jar also has measurement markings. Versa blenders also include a tamper, so you can push the ingredients from the top into the blade to make sure that even the difficult-to-process foods are blended.

The blender with the tall jar, at 20.5 inches of height might not be able to fit under the kitchen cabinets. However, the other two stand at 17.5 inches, which should fit under most of the standard cabinets.


The cleaning process of this unit is relatively easy. To clean the jar and blade you can add some water and soap to it, and then run the blender for a moment.


Oster Versa BLSTVN-103 unlike the other two models comes with several attachments. Except the main jar it also includes a 5-cup jar with slicing and chopping blades, which you can use for processing food. Additionally it includes 2 blend n’ go cups. In which you can make your blend and then take with you on the go.


Overall, this is a powerful machine that you can use for different blending tasks. Its durable design and nice features have been commented on in many positive reviews of Oster Versa blender. Oster BLSTVB-000 and BLSTVB-RV0 have received high ratings, while the BLSTVB-103 model has slightly lower ones.

Some of the drawbacks that were mentioned in some of the reviews included the big size, as it can be difficult to find a place to store it if you have a small kitchen, and for some people another drawback was the noise. Though, considering the high power of the motor, the noise this unit produces is understandable.

Mostly customers are pleased with the performance of Oster Versa. It’s a bit big in size but extremely powerful and provides heavy-duty performance. Another important thing about the Oster Versa is the 7 year guarantee, as there not that many models that can offer such an extensive warranty. This blender also comes with a nice cookbook, using which you can experiment its many recipes.

If you would like to check other Oster blenders, you can read our article here on the best models by this brand. We hope that our Oster Versa reviews were informative for you.

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