Vitamix 5200 Reviews – Power and Blending Versatility

  • Cleaning
  • Noise Level
  • Speed
  • Price
Pros: The blender's versatility with its multiple options. Big jar size. Powerful motor with 2 horsepower. Included tamper.
Cons: A bit noise. A price a bit high

Product Specifications

Among the powerful high-end blenders available on the market today, not many can match the versatility and power of the Vitamix 5200. There’re more powerful models but they’re designed for commercial use and accordingly come at much higher prices. Though this is also a professional blender and is also used by chefs. To know more about its benefits read our Vitamix 5200 reviews below. We provide detailed information of its main features and specifications.

This is a very versatile machine designed for multiple functions. Among the many things that you can prepare with Vitamix 5200 are hot soups, ice cream, different drinks and smoothies, and much more. All this versatility and takes just minutes to complete a blending cycle.


vitamix 5200 reviews

Motor and Power

Vitamix 5200 packs a powerful motor that with 2 horsepower operates at 1500 watts. That is incredible power and one of the highest levels in kitchen blenders. It has so much power that with its speed it can even heat soup. Although it’s not a 1 minute process but takes about 6 minutes, it’s still something pretty ingenious and something most other blenders cannot do. The top speed this motor can output is about 240 miles per hour.

Options and Features

More versatility to this Vitamix blender add its multiple speed options. It includes a variable speed control, so you can change the speed even in the middle of the blending process by adjusting the little switch. With this adjustable speed feature you are given more options. You can either pulverize any frozen fruits or veggies or precisely blend leafy greens, other veggies and fruits. Variable speed options are also handy when you need to turn solid ingredients into heated liquids, for example if your want to turn it into warm soup. The package includes a manual and a DVD with all the instructions on how to use the unit.

vitamix 5200 options and features

The Container

The pitcher of the blender features a 64 ounces capacity. The material the pitcher is made of is Tritan copolyester, which is also BPA-free for safety. It has a spill-proof design and comes with a lid that has an opening plug on top. Through this plug you can safely add more ingredients to the mix at the time of the blender’s operation. Other standout features include measurement markings and a soft-grip handle. The measurement markings help to prepare mixtures with more precision without the guess work. The soft-grip handle makes it easy to pour from the pitcher and not worry that it might slip out of your hands.

Vortex Technology

In many of its models Vitamix uses vortex technology in the blending container and the Vitamix 5200 incorporates the same technology. The concept of this technology is that the container has a special design. When blending is in process it forces down the contents on the top right into the blade, making sure it mixes perfectly. This creates a more smooth and thorough blend, reducing any unblended chunks of the ingredients.


vitamix 5200 vortex technology


The cleaning process of Vitamix 5200 is quite simple as there’re not that many parts that require cleaning. All there’s to clean is the jar with the blades. After use just add a little of luke warm water and some soap and then run the machine on the highest speed for a quick rinse. Also the plastic material of the pitcher is fingerprint-resistant, which will have it looking pristine most of the time.

Noise and Space

As most other high powered blenders, this Vitamix 5200 is also not a quiet machine. It equips 2 HP motor, so of course you can expect it to be rather loud during operation. But it’s not louder than any other blender of this level.

This is a countertop blender and its size won’t fit into a standard kitchen cabinet. Only if you remove the pitcher and store it side by side, you can put it away in a cabinet. It’s 17 inches in height, so it also might not be able to fit under the kitchen cabinets.

Its big size, however, is a plus when you are preparing large servings of your favorite recipe for a large group of people or at a party.


vitamix 5200 prosPros

  • Easy to clean.
  • Big 64 ounces container.
  • Equips a lot of power.
  • Lots of versatility provided by the variable speed control, with which you can easily adjust the power.
  • Includes a tamper to help get all the ingredients through the blades.
  • 7 year long warranty and great customer support.



This blender doesn’t really have any issues worth mentioning. Though for some the size might be an issue if there’s not much available space in the kitchen. For budget shoppers the price can also be a bit high.




We have a list of the most popular Vitamix blender models here. There’s also a specific head to head comparison between the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 5300.


Overall Vitamix 5200 is very powerful machine. It’s a high quality appliance that will be in use for your kitchen preparation needs for a long time. The long warranty is a big plus as it ensures that high quality.

Many of the users who have purchased this blender have written positive comments. Most of them have given good feedback on its functions and quality. It also highly rated at 4.6 at the time of writing.

With the plethora of options this unit offers, so you can create a big variety of foods. The large selection includes such tasks as blending, chopping, heating, churning, grinding, and more. You can blend both hot and cold foods. The powerful motor makes handling all these tasks easy and the large container makes it possible to prepare big servings at once.

A nice addition to the package of this blender is the cookbook that can help you to get started with Vitamix 5200 a healthy diet. In this cookbook you can find many different whole food recipes.

All these great features make Vitamix 5200 a wonderful blender and a useful tool for any kitchen. It is expensive but with this unit you get the value you pay for. It will serve your kitchen needs for a long time with reliable performance. The long warranty is hard to beat. So overall Vitamix 5200 is one of the most recommended models. We hope that our Vitamix 5200 reviews have been helpful for you.


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