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Pros: High power motor. Great compact design. Efficient blending. Easy to use controls. Enhanced airflow management and vibration dampening provides quiet operation. 7 year warranty
Cons: The price is a bit high but its worth the value.

Product Specifications

A latest addition in the Vitamix line of blenders is the Vitamix 7500. This is one of the Next Generation models. Based on high quality and innovative technology of its predecessors, Vitamix addressed some of the problems that users of the 5200 model complained about and came up with an improved product. The most notable difference is its redesigned appearance. It features a lower profile container, shorter height, sound dampening and smaller footprint. To know more details to find out why this is the best Vitamix blender, read our Vitamix 7500 review below.


vitamix 7500 black



The Vitamix 7500 comes in a more compact size. The height of the unit with the container in place is only 17.5 inches, which is 3 inches shorter than the predecessor 5200 model. So this model will easily under most of the standard kitchen cabinets. Other dimensions include 7.7 inches wide and 9.4 inches deep.

Vitamix 7500 comes in a bit heavier weight than the previous models, which is likely due to the more powerful motor. The assembled unit weighs 12.5 pounds.

It includes a 6 foot cord, which is same to the other models. It provides neat storage beneath the motor base, as it winds around it.

To fit different preferences and different kitchen designs, the Vitamix 7500 is available in 3 colors: red, black and white.

Vitamix 7500 Review


The Vitamix 7500 was upgraded to a higher level of power. Boasting 2.2 peak horsepower, 12 amp motor, this unit is built to perform like no other average blender. The increase from the 2.0 horsepower in the previous 5200 model. This difference impacts the blending time and the Vitamix 7500 can reach 240 mph at its top speed. As a result the ingredients are broken down faster.

The high power allows the 7500 to perform many functions. It can make frozen drinks and smooth nutritious smoothies. It can also crush ice, make ice cream and hot soups, or grind nuts and grains. It can blend almost any food, and can even break through plant cell walls. They contain the most of the plant’s nutrition, but the human digestive system can’t easily break them down. The Vitamix 7500 helps here to deliver more accessible nutrition.

vitamix 7500 motor

The Controls

Vitamix has made some minor but at the same time significant improvements to the controls of the blender. The Vitamix 7500 still retains the same Variable Speed Control, which is a unique among most of the Vitamix blenders and it is the feature that made them famous. It’s a simple dial , adjusting which you can control the speed of the unit to a precision. However, the 7500 model has replaced the High/Variable toggle with a pulse toggle.

Now you can adjust the Variable Speed Dial from the slowest speed to the maximum. The speed variations are also more precise here. Additionally, you can use the pulse action for any of the chosen speeds. It adds bursts of power, so it can quickly perform such tasks as chopping vegetables, mixing delicate ingredients or making salsas.

Quiet Blending

One more improvement was made over the noise level. Vitamix has put a lot of effort to make the new model to run quieter. Most high-performance blenders have one drawback, which is their loudness during operation. To fight this problem, the company integrated into the motor base an enhanced airflow management with the addition of vibration dampening. Similar technology can be found in high-end commercial blenders. According to the claims of Vitamix, there’s a 40% or 7 decibels noise level reduction in comparison to the older models. Though the difference might not be that big, the 7500 model is noticeably quieter, even though it operates at higher speeds.

The Container

vitamix 7500 container

Another really good improvement of the Vitamix 7500 is the container. It features the same capacity of 64 ounces, so it’s also perfect for big amount blending. The previous models had really tall containers that you couldn’t store under kitchen cabinets with it on top of the base. The most convenient storage place for a blender is on the countertop, so this was an issue for some of the users. In the new model the company has made a lower profile but with the same capacity container. Its height is slightly over 10 inches, so with the total height of 17.5 almost any kitchen will fit it under the cabinet.

Other feature for the container include its BPA-free material and its UL rating for full capacity use. Also, the change of the container resulted in a wider base and a bigger blade. The 4 inches blade has made the blending tasks more efficient with a quicker and smoother result. The additional benefit is the easier cleaning.

The lid of the container securely fits for preventing leaks. In the center it has a removable twist-off plug. It’s a convenient feature that allows adding extra ingredients without stopping the motor. As most other Vitamix blenders, it comes with a tamper. It helps to push the ingredients down, which prevents chunks left unblended.


Vitamix in its new model 7500 has increased the power, improved the drawback of the noise the past models had, redesigned and made a lower-profile container. All this made it an outstanding upgrade. So if you’re serious about preparing healthy foods and looking for the best blender, Vitamix 7500 is worth the cost. It’s not a cheap kitchen appliance, but with this blender you get what you pay for. Also, this blender will last you many years with the Vitamix backing up its quality with a 7 year warranty. The sound improvement, higher power, and the redesigned container justify the price for this blender. We hope that you have found our Vitamix 7500 review helpful.

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