Kitchow Steel Ball Whisk – A Brand New Professional Kitchen Tool

Getting an egg fluffy has never been easier. Although we’d normally recommend using a personal blender, we’d like to take the time to recommend the Kitchow Steel Ball Whisk as well for this purpose.


This whisk looks silly at first glance, I’ll admit that. It’s made out of a bunch of long metal rods with tiny balls on the end, stuck into a long handle with a hook at the other end. The whole thing is pretty heavy, so it feels solid in your hand. It’s also nicely chromed, so it has a nice style. When you first get to use it, however, you realize it works just as good, if not better than a regular whisk. Each rod with the ball at the end works separately as a whisk, and all of them working together makes whisking anything, from eggs to whisking up cream for whipped cream, quick and easy. It is still sort of silly looking.

steel ball whisk

Kitchow Steel Ball Whisk

However, you get over the way it looks when you realize something: how many whisks have you broke by putting them in a drawer and trying to close that drawer? How many misshapen, messed up whisks have you thrown away because your utensil drawer got too full and destroyed the whisk? This is where this whisk shines. Instead of a rounded top of a whisk, this one lies completely flat. Instead of a rounded top that gets caught, tangled, bent or broken in a full drawer, this whisk can simply lie flat at the bottom and not cause any issues, tables, or anything. That’s when this whisk becomes a brilliant idea instead of silly looking.

This newly-designed stainless steel whisk is the one I reach for now when I want to quickly mix eggs, sauces, or salad dressing. It seems to get much more “action” with the flip of the wrist than traditional loop whisks.

It’s hard to describe why it gets more action except that there are 10 stainless balls that agitate independently, each on the end of a stainless springy rod. As you do the usual whipping action that you’d do with any whisk, the balls and connecting rods each move with their own springy motion. This makes the blending go quicker with a more fully whisked result. Despite how this may sound, I find that I’m less likely to splash sauce or eggs over the edge of the bowl with this whisk than with my traditional whisks.

In other words, this is a great whisk for any project, making whisking easy, and then stores easily without getting in the way like most whisks!

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Kitchow Steel Ball Whisk
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